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For those who like to write about Big Macintosh and enjoy writing about equestria and other ponies

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Why is the story this group claims to have non-existent? I tried to click on it and nothing happened! No story! :raritydespair:

(Also, why is there no crying Pinkie emoticon thingie? Seems there ought to be one of her monumentally famous


To paraphrase: The Yanks and Limeys are two people, separated by a common language. On a extended note, I suppose you can include Canucks, Auzies and Kiwis as well, Though I will admit I'm not certain as to the spelling of the above nicknames. Arguments about the spelling of a name have little bearing on the quality of storytelling, especially in a global library. If you go by the writers of the series, as cited in IMDB, the spelling is Macintosh. Enough said. Why not just sit back and enjoy the character and series.:eeyup:

310779 Though if you honestly find my bitchy ranting annoying, let's agree to just drop the subject. I honestly just want to inform people, and not upset anyone. I'm sorry if I made you mad or upset, I swear that was not my intention.

310779 I am prompting him by commenting on it. He get's a notification whenever someone comments on this page. Clearly he's ignoring me, which is why I dropped the subject, until just now with our conversation.

I am slightly annoyed that he blatantly ignored me. I would have much preferred if he said something like "the reason I have it spelled this way is to avoid mass confusion" or "I spell it that way cause that's how it sounds and is more popular among people than the proper spelling" or anything. Instead he's making me think he doesn't really give a damn.

Heck, look at your complaint about the main folder, it's completely barren. You would think as the founder he would have added a story or two, hell, he has a couple of Big Mac (nickname of the McIntosh strangely) stories of his own, and he didn't even add those onto here.

I'm kinda frustrated and it feels the founder of this potentially awesome group is ignoring it's members.

310778 I'm just saying you can't seem to accept that this group spelled the name a little differently so you're complaining here to fans who may not care.

If you really can't stand the improper spelling then you can try to prompt the founder to change the name or you can leave. Don't let one spelling mistake ruin everything.

310777 So telling someone the proper spelling of a name is "butt hurt"? That makes no sense. That's like saying telling someone the correct spelling of apple or cider or banana is trying to produce butt hurt.

310775 Because you want to produce as much butthurt as possible.

310774 ...You're kidding right? It's pronounced the same.

Got a problem with them, take it up with the authors.

I am. Why do you think I'm bringing it up here?

310771 So some people pronounce it differently. There's a lot of fics that spell his name differently from how you prefer. Got a problem with them, take it up with the authors.

310763 It's a name :ajbemused:. And the official spelling is McIntosh. Yeah it's been mistaken a few times, the most recent I can think of was Apple Family Reunion, but the official and true spelling is McIntosh. Just like my "official" name is spelled Matthew and not Mathew.

So is there a reason why the only folder of the group has been locked? :ajbemused:

309829 It can be spelled differently for some people.

I find it funny how a group dedicated to Big McIntosh couldn't be bothered to spell his name right :ajbemused:. I don't mean to sound like an ass, but Macintosh, is a computer. The apple is spelled Big McIntosh, because it was named after the Scottish-Canadian farmer, John McIntosh, who is credited for discovering the McIntosh red apple.

welcome to the group:eeyup:

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