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Wishpoo... · 9:54pm Jun 10th, 2014

I wish I knew people who would sponsor/co-own(ie. co-guard) show poodles with me so I may have a start at my own line of show-proven Poodles. I would start with Miniatures, Moyens and Standards. And go from there. I would get the SkylarXChaps Boy number one... and next year a pup or two from the VannaXHarley dogs.

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Sorry folks, that it's taking me so long... I am working on the next two chapters for Gala Mac... just been hit hard with bad depression lately... and also a huge amount of focus and energy has been going to other areas... namely obsession with dogs and all things related to them... and Poodles, especially (as well as a few lesser-known rare breeds) plus trying to figure out a Kickstarter campaign that I actually could accomplish that could satisfy some creative impulse and goal I have! Though I tried to make efforts in writing the next two chapters previously, It ended up not working out because I lacked umph... and focus. Could not get it to capture what I intended and so I abandoned the effort for the time with intent to return to it when I was in a better mood/headspace. Or had a better handle on the approach to the next few chapters. So I'm not giving up! Nor have I stopped completely. It's just slower going than I'd hoped. Bear with it, please... it will come. Soon, I hope. So if you all do not give up on me, I will not give up on my story/stories... agreed? That a good deal? Hope it satisfies!



Sure, no problem at all!

1027067 Yeah. Go right ahead. ;) :eeyup: Hope to have another chapter of GalaMac up by this weekend, or at least being pre-read/edited. And stuck on the first chapter still of my second story... mind if I send it to your PM box, see what ya think of it... ? Any such suggestions? (For lengthening it to a first-chapter worthy length... and such).


Also, for those interested in MLP sexfics... you can check out my oneshot from 2005 (MLP G3 Ponies) based story here:

Is it ok if I call myself your biggest fan? I'd reall like to.

Oh... I like it! I'll go with that then. Thanks! ~Starwolf~

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