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This group is dedicated to stories that feature Big Macintosh, the silent but loveable stallion of Sweet Apple Acres

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Posted chapter 5 of my story 'Fruits of love' hope you guys like it

This is my first story it focuses on Mac mainly so please read and let me know what ya'll think

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Yes. Found another group about Big Macintosh:eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

Posted my first story from a while back. Focuses heavily on Mac. Yes, he interacts mostly with Fluttershy, but Fluttermac is not the focus (in case fluttermac disgusts you) enjoy :eeyup:

Aww... nothing new?

batman:eeyup: he is the knight

My thanks to Bad Horse for the link.:eeyup:

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yay!:yay: I finally found a group featured for my favorite pony in mlp!

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