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Big Macintosh wants nothing but to keep his family safe and happy but when war breaks out he is drafted into the army where he is selected to join a new super soldier group known as LANCERS there discovers the horrors of war and unknowingly catches the eye of Princess Luna. While all this is going on Applejack is left to keep the farm going and support her family while also dealing with her personal life

Chapters (5)
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Comment posted by Corner store deleted Apr 3rd, 2015

It's a typo sorry. If anyone wants to help proof read I would greatly appreciate it :eeyup:

This story is simply excellent,Macintosh has really an hard life,losing his parents,raising his sisters and taking over the farm,being drifted into a war and now he lose his best friend,wow his life suck.

I really like this story and waiting impatiently about seeing Applejack reaction at the new of her brother being drifted into the war.

Keep up:raritywink:

What's happen'n to Mac?:fluttershysad:

*Grammar error in title* Oh boy, this'll be fun.

Well...i feel like this is rushing,the first part of the 4th chapter was excellent(well done for Fire streak,didn't liked him right away),but the second part and the 5th chapter look very rushed to me.
Right after he wake up luna come and after an unseen talk we saw him getting Spartan-ified(117 is awesome) and is send in his first mission as a Lancer,in less two chapter that's just too fast.

From my Pov you should have put more distance between the moment he wake up and and the transformation.
Maybe a talk with his family,or something in this style.
Waiting for update with interest.

This story sounds eerily similar to one written a few years ago. Same premise about Big Mac going off to war and joining a special force and the same romantic subplot with Luna. Not saying you stole it, but the coincidences are interesting.

6018639 This was originally another story of mine that was based on a character named john but I decided to make it into a MLP story. The story though is from my creation and I'm a huge LunaMac fan but I've read several stories that involve Mac going to war or becoming a super soldier.

This story is starting to get interesting,:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Jaxton_Sparx deleted Dec 19th, 2017

Dude, you have got to finish this! My friend and I would really like to do a narration of it. And other than a few grammatical errors, it's a really cool story

They pulled a Captain America on him

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