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We writers do not speak. We do not hear. We have no songs. We have no pictures. We only have scripture. From words we bring images. From words we bring emotion. From words we bring life.



The Ponies travel to Appleoosa to cheer on Big Mac in a competition of strength. His efforts are both awesome and inspiring, earning him high honors and regards. But when disaster strikes is his strength the answer? A story of knowing your limits, and when to listen to the voice of reason, even if it's very quiet.

Featuring fan art by: Starfirenova (Her dev art page) and fia94

This story has not been fully edited yet, i apologize for anything sloppy.

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I enjoyed this story quite a bit. Could be cleaned up a little due to typos but it was well paced and in keeping with Big Mac's personality.

Loved it, agree with the above comment though. It needs a little grammatical editing.

man that was pure genius :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: is hard to see a strory with an accident without tragedy and still make you fell their life are in dangerous without slipping to dark, that way the story will keep interesting but the reader will not be plaged by images of dead ponies. i expect to see more great stories from you :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

A great read, actually brought a proud tear to my eye ^.^

enough with the damn fluttermacs! They are no good! Pony romance is almost never good! Why do people try to hook up Fluttershy with big mac or with rainbow or anypony for that matter? they all turn out the same way! they are so predictable and unoriginal! :facehoof:

1466513 Then quite whining and go read something else. :eeyup:

Oh and...

Rainbow Dash pounded her fist on the bed

Lyra called and she wants her hand back.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out.

Hm, not bad! I like this. I like how you kept to Big Macs personality and gave out good details. I give this story a... 7/10 Mostly good parts with very few disappointments. :twilightsmile:

1466513 I know what you mean, the most depressing is hooking Dash up with every single other mane six character. That pisses me off to no end. but this was a quaint and nice little story, it doesn't harm anyone. All it really needs is a bit of tidying up but the writer has clearly put effort in, although I would like to see a romance on this site that doesn't work out for a change.

Actually I just realised that this is your first story. It's very good. Tell me, I know this question is off topic but do you like superheroes? Like the ones in DC or Marvel comics?


Yeah i apologize for the typos and grammar. I was an English writing major in College, i always had the ideas but editing post writing has never been my strong point. I read over everything i write three times before submitting anywhere, but i still manage to just plain miss things. :raritycry:

Yes, I've always been a bit of a fan of both DC and Marvel. I wouldn't say i'm a die hard, but i grew up watching the cartoons and reading the comics.

Do I see a fluttermac story coming?:yay:

This was one of a few connected oneshots i plan on writing that lead into a bigger story. Yes there is a subtle fluttermac theme near the end (really the only reason i tagged it with romance) but the main point of the story was to give Big Mac a little more character depth. Plus i found it fun to have the main interactions be between a quiet character and a shy character, had to approach it differently.:fluttershyouch::eeyup:

Please, can we have a sequel?

And that's how it would all go down.

Very enjoyable read and the adventure aspect really raises it above most of the other Fluttermac fics I've read. Top shelf stuff and very original. Job Well Done. Cookie for you.:moustache:


P.S. Ever heard of the Wellington avalanche of 1910? Similar thing to what happened in this story, except for the survivors, unfortunately.

Dude... I never said romance was not good i just said it was almost never good... but as i was saying... i kinda used the no good thing as a general term. I was just tired of fluttermacs and flutterdashs and fluttermane6s.

I have to agree, it was good its just that im tired of this type of stuff.

How could anypony thumbs-down this gem? I mean, really.

This has to be the best MLP fanfic I've read thus far. For starters, it's a great length, and it contains not only fluff but tension. The fluff isn't overdone, and it fits perfectly. The tense moments are realistic and well written, and they help push the plot along, but not too quickly. Stylistically, I've rarely read a story, even by a bestselling author, that can make good use of the 3rd Person Omniscient perspective, but this pulls it off quite smoothly. And I must say, the characterizations are spot-on. I myself have oft identified with Big Mac, and I know from experience that people who are reserved can sometimes snap, as I have done on very rare occasions. And most of all, I loved the dynamic between Fluttershy and Big Mac, especially the awkwardness at the end. It was just plain adorable. :rainbowkiss: A touching tale, indeed. Two hooves high in the air.

1468661 Well I have a little project I'm working on and part of it is to help lesser known writers on the site get their name out there. It's called Equestria: world of Superheroes.
Essentially you know how marvel made the avengers movie? With stories of the heroes individually and then the big one at the end. It's like that and at the end we'll have an Avengers/Justice League story.
The only difference being is that it will have DC and Marvel.
Currently we have Batmare (Octavia), Captain Amareica (Rainbow Dash), Spider-Mare (Pinkie Pie) etc.
There are still quite a few options open to you to write about and I have a minimal writing criteria.
What do you say? Are you interested?
If you are I will PM you the options available (And there are some really good ones) and then we can talk about any other details.

Aww. This was so cute! :yay:

Are you going to make a sequel to this?


That sounds very interesting and thanks for the offer, but i don't think i'll have the time to commit to a project. This short piece was put together on my free time over the course of two-three months. I doubt i would have enough time to keep up with a project like that with my job and writing my own stuff, but thanks anyway, it sounds interesting i look forward to seeing it.


There aren't going to be sequels, but the next few that i write will be connected in the same timeline. So the next one will take place sometime after this etc.

1474386 Well thank you for replying, if you change your mind let me know. The writing criteria btw only required you to do a minimum of three chapters and 2000 words mimnimum for each.

:fluttershyouch: :heart: :eeyup: = happy me

I don't understand why people don't like FlutterMac,I think FlutterMac is nice.:ajsmug:

By the way,like the story :ajsmug::yay::raritystarry::raritywink::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2::eeyup:

:eeyup: + :yay: = :heart:

1474393 I don't mean to sound rude or pretentious, but if they all follow the same timeline and are connected, doesn't that make them a kind of sequel? Not as a direct sequel, but as in the others have their stories, and we see how things are doing for the other possible couples??

But, it's your story, and for once I'm not really sure what to say. I've read plenty of FlutterMacs, but the majority of them are predictable. For me yours is in the minority with the way you ended it. Do they follow things through, or does it end there?
Plus after this one, for me at least, Big Mac is 2nd best pony!!

Starting on the next one, but still, MOAR please.!!!


Lol i could've worded that better:derpyderp2:. They will be connected on the same timeline, but each will be about different characters. So in a way they are sequels, just different story lines.

That was great, I really liked the way you made Big Mac's personalty. Something I really wanted to know though was what happened to Pinkie, you made her pain sound awful and her sobbing and constantly saying "ow" really peaked my interest on what was wrong besides the swollen check. Anyway that was great!

Is it bad part of me really wants this to be canon? Or just Fluttermac maybe.


With Pinkie, her swollen cheek was just really REALLY painful.

And it's funny you mention it because i considered making a less "graphic" version of this fic to send in as an episode idea (not that they accept stuff like that, but a man can dream)

ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! please write a sequel... i soooo want to see what happens when these two get serious in a non life threatening situation! :rainbowkiss:


Head in the clouds is part of the same timeline, as will be the rest that i write from here out. However as there seems to be both demand and interest (from me) once i get through them i might do a few side stories of stuff that happened in between (including a short continuation of this) It's probably far off though, so don't expect it anytime soon. :twilightblush:

She already decided to stop worrying about the ladder, so she only had one option.


With the cart tipped she easily helped Pinkie and twilight back in.


You make me so happy.


My pleasure :eeyup:

And thanks for pointing those out, sometimes mistakes in your own work fly right over your head even when you read it carefully. I appreciate it.

Better than a lot of bad fics, but not as popular wtf:fluttercry:


Well i don't really advertise my fics anywhere, and I'm sure some people instantly get turned away because of fluttermac, when really it's barely a focus.

But thanks, i appreciate it:eeyup:

Look at all the action you gave this story! :pinkiegasp:
All the slow development of Big Mac and Fluttershy's relationship really had me at the edge of my seat (not literally). :rainbowkiss:
There are a couple of errors you need to correct, but take your time. No rush. :twilightsmile:


Thank you :eeyup:

And ahhhhhhh I'm sure there are more than just a few errors, I take pride in my story telling and character interactions, but I can't edit/proofread my way out of a paper bag :facehoof:

Of course you can! It's easy!


It's hard for me sometimes, because when I read through my own stories, it's so easy to visualize what I want my readers to see that my brain goes right past spelling errors. I don't really know how to explain it, I tend to miss a lot of things when I edit.:derpyderp2:

Well, you I suggest you look carefully and see the spots that need fixing. Pure and simple.

3254052 simple indeed, however for some authors it's more that they tend to skip over the mistakes when proof reading more due to them already knowing what's going to happen and usually don't want to disappoint their fans. However that's just my guess as to why authors are usually their worse enemy when proofreading. Don't take my word for it as people are as different as the stars above and the relatively empty space between them.

what he thought at the end " target acquired"

I particularly liked that it didn't start out romantic.


Gotta give the reader something to look forward to :moustache:

If its romantic from the start, there's no tension, no moments, and no FUN above all else.

Thanks for reading :eeyup:

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