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The Wonderbolts are debuting a new show in the skies of Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is ecstatic to see a performance up close and personal. But when she is left speechless by their unbelievable techniques, she begins to question her chances. Lost in her thoughts, a very unexpected surprise throws her life into a roller coaster. A story of staying true to yourself and knowing when to listen to your heart, even if it isn't the logical choice.

Featuring art by: lortstreet54, shad0w-wo1f!, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: bonnama, colorstirkeand rulette, Astrum

Also a small animation in chapter 2 by: HarlenBooks

This story has not been fully edited yet, i apologize for anything sloppy.

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Huh a story with RD and the wounderbolts, let me guess romance *clicks it* *see's romance tag*
Pew pew you just made my mind have a clu-clè-cé-damn it... How do you say that word again...
Anyways great story! Got yourself a like and fav!
Now give some damn bribes or I'll shoot an arrow to your goddamn knee!


Haha XD

Well I know what you mean. It's hard NOT to be cliche when it comes to popular genre's and themes. Rainbow Dash romance with a wonderbolt, i went in full well knowing it's been done. My goal was to see if i could stand out among the rest, i'm not gonna turn down characters, setting, and genre, just because it's been done before.:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for the comment and fav!

Very good. Have my like.

This is awesome! It definatly sticks out from some of the other DashxWwonderbolt fics I've seen, and I love what you're doing with it.
Must. Have. MOOOOOAAAAAAAR!! :flutterrage:
also, the Big Mac and Fluttershy bit cracked me up xD

Welllll, this should be interesting.... I've always liked SoarinDash, so I'd like to see where this goes.... :pinkiehappy:

I love the idea of rainbow dash and Soarin being together, just get the next chapter done :pinkiehappy:

I'm enjoying this so far and spotted very few typos, but one jumped out at me that I just couldn't let slide:

and to her the Wonderbolts were the epidemy of pegasi

I think you mean "epitome."


Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. (How the hell did i miss that? It's spelled horribly wrong:rainbowhuh:)


No problem! I've made HUGE errors like that before, too, and then wonder "WTF, brain?!?!"

PLEASE let this be a Spit-Dash fic...

So I'll say it right now... Soarin is best Pony... :scootangel:

I like how your writing this and I loved Scootaloo and Soarin's interaction. I however have a strong disdain for Fleetfoot and Spitfire... STAY BACK FROM FLUTTERSHY'S COLT!

Oh, and those two are so awkward anyways. Really looking forward to more of this story, and I'm looking forward as to whether or not you're going to talk about Pegasi magic or not. I'd like to see a few more lines from more of the ponies, make Twilight or Spike talk a little bit more, but I loved Rarity.

Good start, and I really am enjoying it.

7/10 (That's good on my scale were 5 is average fic :twilightsheepish: )

I'm loving this. More than an average SoarinDash-Wondrbolt fic. :rainbowkiss:

The Fluttershy scene was memorable too. It doesn't matter where you are, if you're looking at Big Mac's ass, you're going to hear from her. :flutterrage:

Following hard.


Was going to skip this entirely when I saw Soarin do a sonic boom--I always hate it when every flier with a good pair of wings can break the sound barrier, even if those fliers are the Wonderbolts. Seems to me that Dash would know if the 'Bolts could 'boom, being their biggest fan, so why would she be so surprised? "I'm surprised that the ponies I've idolized for years can apparently fly faster than me, because it makes perfect sense that news of sonic booms wouldn't spread like wildfire all over Equestria. Also it's just a coincidence that they never did one at any show I was watching."

Something made me stick around, though, and I'm glad it did. This was pretty cool.


i see what you mean. I was trying to convey that she found his very quick acceleration from a dead stop to a speed worthy of popping the barrier to be surprising. I apologize if i didn't make that as clear as it could have been. Thanks for the feedback i appreciate it. :eeyup:

are you going to put all of the mane cast in separate romance stories

Damn, this fanfic is awesome. :yay:
Well-elaborated, good grammar and awesome storyline. O: :pinkiehappy:
And is it a SoarinDash fanfic? I hope it is. :pinkiecrazy:
And I like this doesn't go directly straight into romance, not like other fics.
Overall, BEST. FANFIC. EVER! :rainbowkiss:
Oh, and when is the next chapter coming out?

I tried to press the next chapter button, but it wasn't there!!!! :raritycry::fluttershbad::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::applecry::twilightangry2::raritycry::fluttercry::ajsleepy::fluttershysad:

Well, it was either going to be a SoarinDash or a DashFire. But I think SoarinDash is the best pairing as far as canon
characters go!!
Carry on.


Not necessarily. I just happened to take on the two that are romance stories first. My main goal is to give some of the male characters from the show more depth (while using a member of the mane 6 to help with each one. I just happen to also be a fluttermac and soarindash fan)

You are a smart person and I LOVE this!!!!!:rainbowdetermined2::heart::heart:

I like where this is going. Giggity giggity.


whoops i meant to reply to this.

Thank you very much :eeyup:

I put work into these whenever i find the time between my job, friends, and workout schedule. so if my time isn't too taken up i may get a few pages per week or more. But it will be out soon, I like to finish what i start.

Excellent chapter. Soarin seems to be in a bit of an emotional pickle. Poor guy. :applecry:

I think big Mac should've been hitting Rapidfire much lower, if you know what I mean. That guy doesn't deserve to have any hardware. :eeyup:

---to be concluded---

How can you cut such a wonderful story so short??

And Rapidfire you moron, do you really want to piss this off??

Aw... This is soooo cute!:rainbowkiss: I love the way you fleshed out Soarin's character here.


i originally planned to have all the stories i'm writing be a single chapter to lead into a larger work. But i had too much i wanted to put into this one so it was broken into three parts (bad case of being a huge soarin fan:rainbowkiss:). The next four after this one are probably going to be just one chapter.

so is rapidfire going to be the villian in this story
also when can we except the next chapter


He's not really i villain, more just something to give a little conflict to the situation.

The last part will be out whenever i get around to writing it :derpytongue2: No really, i've been writing these on my free time, the amount of which i have is always changing. So it all depends on how much free time i have. :eeyup:

CONCLUDED!!!!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! Clearly there was a typo because you fully intend for this story to be verry long with multiple chapters.

I can't give you a proper sartass reply from my phone, so you're going to have to wait untill I can find a computer. It takes 3 minutes to fix a typo on here.

Comment posted by lonleybones deleted Oct 22nd, 2013


covering at least three times the ground her top speed ever could

“which one of you is the fastest?”...“Fleetfoot.” Soarin answered quickly like it was painfully obvious. “At least at top speed...

Well, I’m actually the slowest of the four

So the slowest Wonderbolt is three times Rainbow Dashes speed?

I understand that your setup with Pound Cake was to get Soarin and RD interacting, but trying to use a busy highway in the sky as a danger point doesn't make any sense. First we have never seen any kind of population density that would come close to necessitating a controlled air space, let alone in Ponyville. Second you are talking about three dimensional space making dodging a slow moving foal easy.

You might want to go back and check for capitalization. I saw quite a few proper names not capitalized. Sugarcube Corner, Dash, Sweet Apple Arces.

Okay you said you want to give some of the male characters some depth which one after soarin is next Spike/Rarity,Braeburn/Pinkie Pie,Caramel/Applejack maybe


Sorry if there are some little inconsistencies. The main reason i started writing these was for practice (as i do with all my fanfiction) for working with fantasy settings. I had fun writing these so i decided to put some more work into them and submit them here. When i read over my work, i mainly try to look for grammatical errors and places where i could word things better.

The story just sorta comes out of my head into the keyboard so i apologize if a few things are questionable or don't make sense.:fluttercry:

Thanks for pointing it out though, it's always good to be aware of where i goof so i can be more aware of it in the future.:eeyup:


yes there will be 4 more of these. But 3 of them will not be romance centered. I just happened to write two of the romance ones first. I plan to expand on some of the male characters yes, but i don't want to be redundant with the theme/scenario. There will be different conflicts in them to keep my writing fresh and not on one track.:eeyup:

1859923 do you know which male charcaters are next


I do, but i don't want to ruin the surprise:scootangel:

(Hint: You were right about one of them.)

Oooo! I just love this! I can't wait to see the next chapter! :twilightsheepish:

so does this confirm that fluttershy and big mac are dating now

I hope the one person who disliked this story feels really uncomfortable. :facehoof::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Just caught up.:twilightblush:
Hopefully this sad fluttershy will motivate you to update faster. --->:fluttercry:<---


not cool bro. Don't give me those sad Fluttershy eyes dammit!:applecry:

Sorry about the long wait, lots of life stuff to take care of lately, my writing time has been limited, but it is being worked on.

How could I miss this!:rainbowhuh: A SoarinDash fic that has my favorite pair:rainbowkiss:

Spitfire should smack the back of Soarin's head for what hes done and tell him to go fix it.

1955219 Lol, it was probably an involuntary muscle spasm that caused them to click the dislike button.

2312667 We'll go with that. Or maybe someone held a gun up to their head or took their family hostage.
Ya never know.:applejackunsure:

@ everyone reading

Sorry for the long wait. Life kicked in to high gear shortly after i finished the second chapter and i've been beyond busy since. I'm still working on it, but very little at a time due to life constraints. As you can imagine, by my preferred chapter length, its taking quite a while.

So fear not, i haven't left you all to dry. I hope for this to be done sometime soon, i just can't give a definite answer. :eeyup:

Hey, you're a great writer! I really enjoy your plot and characters. You really know how to make a tension moment *really* tense. Although when you're quoting something in dialogue, make sure to use a colon rather than a quotation mark. :)

Example: "I'm called Samuel 'Lightning' Smith."


Oh geez, where did i do that? i actually know that rule, but sometimes things just slip right by:fluttershbad::raritydespair::facehoof:

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