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Just someone who loves to read, write, watch ponies, and listen to music. Not much else, because ponies.


Dashie! · 7:04pm Nov 24th, 2013

Hey, guys! So, I realized it's one day short of being exactly two months since I was last on here. I wanna tell you guys I'm so sorry. However, Season 4 started yesterday (WOO-HOO!) and my brother and I got up early to watch the sudo-marathon. We had to fix the cable box...... three times..... before it started working. By then, EG was around the 30-minute mark. So, we sat down and proceeded to continue watching untill not only EG was over, but also the two-part season premiere was finished as

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Well then I suggest a bright pink spray, it should turn purple in your hair :pinkiecrazy:

635810 Temporary, that's why it won't show up that well. There's a strict hair-color policy at school, which starts in three weeks. (The school, not the policy. :derpytongue2:) I wanted to color it while I still could.

We have been trying to get knightly to add a Luna one for a while... :pinkiesad2: no success yet
Are you using permanent dye or temporary?


635792 Well, gee. That sure helps me in this situation. :rainbowhuh: (my closest attempt at a sarcastic emoticon. They need more emoticons on here!)

Hmm, mine is blond, so I have no trouble :pinkiecrazy:

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