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This story is a sequel to Race the Wind

Nothing could be better for Soarin'. He's a famous athlete, he's rich, and has the mare of his dreams. Life seems to be perfect.
However, after a night of passion with Spitfire results in some 'complications', the blue Wonderbolt needs to make a choice between his love and his career...

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I know what the present is,I know what the present is :rainbowlaugh: But i won't spoil it for anyone.

I saw that coming. Good story, I always love Soarin' x Spitfire shipping.

hurricane force winds indeed.

when i heard the word "careless" i knew what happened.

:pinkiegasp: I KNEW IT!!! :pinkiegasp:

Great story, by the way. Keep up the good work.

Looks like the rain clouds cleared just in time for a thunder storm.:rainbowlaugh:

Just wondering but is she pregnant with Rainbow?

1177874Well if this story is trying to keep canon in ANY way then that will certainly not be the case. If it is, i'll be VERY confused by the coverart.

1178739 It was just a thought, but ya it seems unlikely.

Sweet Celestia.....its not like we didn't see that coming....:trollestia:

Iydjtdjtdcdgdyeiygxtxuxmgxn dduuuhauuudauuuu major cliiiiiiiiffffffffffhanger I cnt wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

how did a rapist like hurricane get into a police force?

nopony ever reported it. they thought they wouldnt believe it as hurricane's dad is sky marshal

1201127 still, he should not have authority. he should also not be trained to use a weapon.
EDIT: also, the public seem pretty willing to believe those kinds of things when it involves a reputation being shattered

life throws us these little annoying curveballs sometimes:twilightsmile:

1201162 and thats what i love about this story... please tell me hurricane will get executed by his fellow gustapo, because i could use some cheering up :rainbowlaugh:

Soarin's heading to Ponyville, eh?...Wait a second...*sees the Rainbow Dash tag*...:rainbowderp: Oh no...Looks like things are gonna get ugly later on. Poor Spitty.

Wow. I understand why Soarin did what he did. It was uncalled for, sure, but I see where he's coming from with the whole keeping secrets thing. I just wanna see things come together in the end.

Can't wait for more. Keep up a good work

For some reason, I like stories when Spitfire gets pregnant:trollestia::yay::raritystarry:

Congrats and omg to Spitfire :yay: wonder what soarins gonna do in ponyville....
btw if you check my profile dont read my story unless you REALLY want to

I'm just so sexy... ewww
that was copied from the text

Well this is certainly on a different level to the first story.. :pinkiehappy:

Well this is hardly surprising considering what they had been doing that night together. oh well now Soarin' needs to grow up and learn to be a father.
Keep it going... this is good. I like it almost as much as the first story.

Leave Rainbow Dash out of it :flutterrage:

Dont worry, update arriving soon :pinkiehappy:

We've got a guy who served several years in jail for raping a seven year old girl on our police force, so my suspension of disbelief is retained.

A triple whammy: A cheating coltfriend, a possibly permanently injured teammate and she's pregnant.

Poor Spitty :fluttershysad:

Well i gotta say one thing to Soarin....

"YOU STUPID DUMB FUCK.":twilightangry2:

Dude when iread your comment i laughed my ass off!!!

My reaction=
oh mama he pulled a goally

:pinkiegasp:soarin has now gotta tell spitty ir she's gonna kill him

Howcome I think that Spitfire will sing something along these lines to Soarin' after she finds out about Rainbow:

Alcohol is far and away your favourite plot device, eh? Anyways, this is going great, if a little fast paced. Aside from the predictability. I could have told you that Soarin and Dash were going to hook up basically as soon as you mentioned her.

Ahem soar i DARE you to go back and say sorry to spitfire and be HER marefriend

why did you have to break up like this?!

you idiot

Yeah, I read "Racing The Wind" and it was awesome. :twilightsmile: But i dont know if I want to read this and destroy beautiful picture of their lovestory :twilightoops:

You are still working on this? Right? Because if not I'm gonna scream!:raritycry:

1964192 Of course I am :twilightsmile: I'm just getting back into writing my other fics. But don't worry, I make myself a promise to finish EVERY story I write

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