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To a young pale blue pegasus named Soarin', his best friend, an attractive mare by the name of Spitfire, is the most beautiful pony in all of Equestria. Having known each other since foalhood, the two pegasi have a bond that few friends share. But as they mature, Soarin' has fallen more and more for his alluring orange haired friend.
But as far as he knows, she doesn't feel the same way...until one fateful Hearts and Hooves Day in the floating city of Cloudsdale.

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Dat format, confused me a bit

Why am I imagining Soarin' losing, Hurricane (that jerk) calling him a loser, and Spitfire racing him after class and winning to defend Soarin's honor?
Can't wait to see how your plan works out.

You've got my attention.
Good to see Spitfire paired with someone other than Rainbow Dash. I have always liked the idea that Spitfire and Soarin were childhood friends.

The only thing wrong with this story is that it's TOO DAMN SHORT! :twilightangry2: Need MOAR!!! XD

Hmm... I'm mildly interested. I'll reserve judgement until I've seen a few more chapters.

A good start! I'll watch with interest. :twilightsmile:

HELL YES!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy::rainbowwild::twilightblush::duck::raritystarry:
I always love a spitfire ship, but there so flipping hard to find were its not rainbow dash. Actually come to think of it i read an actual good one were she was shipped with aj. But thats beside the point.
Post another chapter or fluttershy will do something very wrong :flutterrage:

Probably the only Wonderbolt-related pairing that I'll ever read.

A good start, but some of the paragraphs are far too indented, and some not at all.

Other than those (small) mistakes, it looks promising. Good job so far.

the only thing I'd do is put in more spacers, because you have some pretty big walls of text, it's kinda difficult to read.
But for the rest it's a nice story:twilightsmile:

Ooh, crap just got real.

I also think it's a bit weird that you have both regular and ponified curse words in here. Anyway, looking forward to more chapters.

You must post another chapter for my sake man...
That thing is watching me outside and wont go away till you do.
*Help me*

Good stuff so far. Soar and Spit are one of my favorite ships. Not sure why there aren't more fics like this. Everyone wants to pair off Spit with mares for some reason. Look forward to more.

:pinkiecrazy: post :pinkiecrazy: another :pinkiecrazy: chapter :pinkiecrazy: NOW! :pinkiecrazy:

I look foward to more. This story runs paralell nicely with the fillies fic I'm writing. This is a very engaging read. You have done a good job with this so far and I like how vivid the characters feel.
I'm hoping that scumbag will be proved right when he said she is Soarins marefriend, very soon...

ohohohohOOOOH!! the Rainbow Facory huh?:pinkiecrazy:

Time for Soarin to do some intense training if he wants her back.:twilightangry2: "cue Rocky music":flutterrage:

Love the story so far. If you let new chapters sit for a day or two and then reread them or get a proofreader, you'll be able to cut down on those annoying typos. Also, you may want to check the code at the end there. I think you meant to end it at that first sentence, but the whole last bit is italicized. To end italics, use slash and little i inside brackets

Dear dear Hurricane...
I have got a 12 guage slug right here waiting for you.:pinkiecrazy:

xD this shouldn't be rated everyone, but who gives a buck?

Oh my.:twilightoops: Now it shall get good.:rainbowdetermined2:

964457 12 guage? Please.

There's an M2 Flamethrower sittin by my bedside... And an anti aircraft battery, just in case.

wow. good thing the bucker was drunk for Spitfire to make her escape...

awaiting for the next chapter. =)

what the CRAP!!! this fic is awsome bro my heart was actually pumping fast durring that race it got my adrenaline going awsome job... is there any way i can give this 2 thumbs up? lol jk

The sunlight fragmented on the prismatic lamppsots - I gotta get me some prismatic lamppsots

Moon: HEYYY, YOU TWO SHOULD KISS! asdf seems to fit is so well with this fic

Actually lets go with tourture! :pinkiecrazy:
All we need is rope, a chair, a good knife, and lemon juice. :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:


D'AWW! That was just adorable. :yay:

Many feels were had. Also, those chapter names, I see what yer doin' thar.

970872 fuck that, let's cut off his wings! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Oh my!:pinkiegasp: This is going to be good:rainbowkiss: I may guess what may happen, but I'm keeping it to myself.:scootangel:

I know what happens, mostly cause soarin is my fav wonderbolt.

This is gonna be awesome! I know Hurricane will try and sabotage Soarin's chances, but will be foiled. Can't wait to see that. :yay:

Sounds good, but watch out for the punctuation on some of the speech.

I wonder if he wins? - Captain Obvious

this is me just nitpicking, but saying "Luna's moon" doesn't seem accurate at this time since they don't seem to be in the Wonderbolts yet like they are in the show, and i doubt they know Luna even exists yet other then as a Holiday boogie mare...

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