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My name's Desten, my favorite pony is Applejack and I've wanted to write ever since I read My Little Dashie I knew I had to do fanfiction. I hope you all like my stuff!


Equestrian Horror Story · 10:01am Feb 9th, 2015

Going to be making a pass at a new story even though I've got like five thousand other things I need to worry about. I'm going to take this project slow and make sure it's absolutely perfect before releasing it for submission. I may not be a very popular writer yet but hopefully this one will put me on the map. This time it's Equestrian Horror Story a parody of the American Horror Story hit TV show. Of course though I'm not going to just copy/paste the stories with ponified vocab though.

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103799woops sorry it was you but uh... ya i'm a little busy the fanfiction is a little slow coming right now I'll get the sad one done soon I'm just trying to make sure my Trilosgy has an epic ending.

who is this Nobleman ?:rainbowhuh:

Have a dramatic reading of the first chapter of SoH

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