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The great enemy of writing is interruption. · 12:04am Dec 12th, 2019

And I'm a prisoner of war.

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If you've made it down here...

The Android Next Door

"Perfection is a concept so uniquely human and yet, when I look up at the night sky that is all I see. For a brief moment I am beyond humanity, beyond earth, and am at one with the heavens, and eventually, I am far beyond the stars."
~ Six

Serial Number: 2033-8F
Mental: Insane.
Physical: Skinny.
Gender: N/A
Appearance: Generic.
Preference: Asexual.

Bio: Science fiction lover, futurist, and transhumanist. Keeps a strictly OPEN mind about pretty much everything. Hopes to write a book someday.

"What would you call me? I suppose I'm a jack of all trades. Not the best at any one thing but good enough at everything. I suppose I'm great at surviving. Surviving is what I'm good at. Thriving only happens in specific conditions. Survival is universal.

I suppose I'm a dreamer with the hacker ethic so to speak. Dreamer by day, Biohacker by night.

I find that I want to live a sort of Star Trek life. I want to go faster than anyone's gone before. I want to go farther than anyone else before me. I want to see things no one else has seen before. I want to know and discover things strange and weird and different. I want to know much more. I want to experience so much more."

Favorite Muscial Artists: Archie V. Hans Zimmer. Zack Hemsey. Two Steps From Hell. Future World Music. Immediate Music.

Favorite TV shows: MLP. Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica. NCIS. Angel Beats! A Certain Magical Index. A Certain Scientific Railgun. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Attack on Titan. Baccano! Robotics;Notes. Steins;Gate. Fullmetal Alchemist.

Favorite Games:
Series: Halo
Building Game: Minecraft
Modern War: Battlefield 3
Past: Assassin's Creed RV

Favorite ponies are,
Vinyl Scratch
Daring Do
Rainbow Dash
Film Reel

Other Aliases:

"I want Immortality, Eternal Youth, To Live Forever. Why? Because, "I can do whatever I want, for however long I want. Is there no greater prize?""

"Trust me, I'm far crazier than I look!"

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out of curiosity, are you going to update any of your stories or write new ones?

Whats the youtube channel?

Yeah, you see his other videos?

Wow, that video was beautiful.

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