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The great enemy of writing is interruption. · 12:04am Dec 12th, 2019

And I'm a prisoner of war.

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If you've made it down here...

The Android Next Door

"Perfection is a concept so uniquely human and yet, when I look up at the night sky that is all I see. For a brief moment I am beyond humanity, beyond earth, and am at one with the heavens, and eventually, I am far beyond the stars."
~ Six

Serial Number: 2033-8F
Mental: Insane.
Physical: Skinny.
Gender: N/A
Appearance: Generic.
Preference: Asexual.

Bio: Science fiction lover, futurist, and transhumanist. Keeps a strictly OPEN mind about pretty much everything. Hopes to write a book someday.

"What would you call me? I suppose I'm a jack of all trades. Not the best at any one thing but good enough at everything. I suppose I'm great at surviving. Surviving is what I'm good at. Thriving only happens in specific conditions. Survival is universal.

I suppose I'm a dreamer with the hacker ethic so to speak. Dreamer by day, Biohacker by night.

I find that I want to live a sort of Star Trek life. I want to go faster than anyone's gone before. I want to go farther than anyone else before me. I want to see things no one else has seen before. I want to know and discover things strange and weird and different. I want to know much more. I want to experience so much more."

Favorite Muscial Artists: Archie V. Hans Zimmer. Zack Hemsey. Two Steps From Hell. Future World Music. Immediate Music.

Favorite TV shows: MLP. Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica. NCIS. Angel Beats! A Certain Magical Index. A Certain Scientific Railgun. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Attack on Titan. Baccano! Robotics;Notes. Steins;Gate. Fullmetal Alchemist.

Favorite Games:
Series: Halo
Building Game: Minecraft
Modern War: Battlefield 3
Past: Assassin's Creed RV

Favorite ponies are,
Vinyl Scratch
Daring Do
Rainbow Dash
Film Reel

Other Aliases:

"I want Immortality, Eternal Youth, To Live Forever. Why? Because, "I can do whatever I want, for however long I want. Is there no greater prize?""

"Trust me, I'm far crazier than I look!"

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Whats the youtube channel?

Yeah, you see his other videos?

Wow, that video was beautiful.

Hey, you're still alive!

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