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This story is a sequel to Eljunbyro

A broken party of friends struggles to reunite.

Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.

Chapters (200)
Comments ( 10169 )

Damn, I should really catch up on these.

Lots of goodies to start with: green eyes, orange(ish) coat, the Capitol, three-word titles and so on. Kera is a Xonan.

Jesus christ dude, you post so fast. It's overwhelming.

Regidar get's first post once more.

the noise of endlessly squawking fowl.



Did I mention yes?

2238033 It began a LOOOONG time ago.

oh god. it's happening again. now I want to go back and finish eljunbyro, have my heart ripped out, and refuse to read this one until it is finished.

Then do it again when this does finish. and for any sequels this might have. :fluttershbad:

Oh, awesome. Thank you, Scolon. Also, how will Keratin react to this?

I can tell Kera is going to be bothersome for Dash when they'll meet up later on.

Already seeing the heavy tie-ins with the very first chapters of Austraeoh.

Anyways, the next chapter is Kera, shocked to discover that she is the Innavedr (because she's an innovator, and the two words rhyme, it makes perfect sense). She eats the apple and goes to sleep. Rainbow dash dies on the way back to her home planet.

The end.

I probably laughed a bit too much during this chapter.

Oh shit, time to play catch-up... Better make that double-time!


Oddly jovial considering the setting, but lots of fun exposition none-the-less.

Damn, that was fast.:rainbowderp:

Adorable new character.:twilightsmile:

"Nnnngh! Doll me up like a blacksmith's wet dream—I've got friends to save!"

Oh god I laughed...I laughed so hard...:rainbowlaugh:

All of that make Roarke look like a goodie now.

Another foal OC?
So when will this one die then?

I still don't know Roarke's motives.

Please IC, don't make her into another heartless jerk

2238236 Not really, she still got her trophy... She can try to pretend she captured her. Unique prey like that shouldn't be stuffed and mounted. No, it needs to be shown off in all it's glory. Even if the truth is told to your closest friends.

Oh look, Roarke grew a personality. That's awesome, actually. :pinkiehappy:

alright, so where does Pilate come in?

i never knew such a hard ass could get funny.

Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs, same thing, really.

I can only hope that Eagle Eye channels Rarity and is able to whine his way out of this one.

2238377 Dig, dig, dig for manacrystals to trade. ...And hopefully not for another door to the machine.

whew, a new story again. :pinkiegasp:
this time having 3 words for the chapter. :3

is this series going to reach the point where the chapter titles will contain 6 words each? :rainbowderp:

aw well~
favorite, thumbs up, and then read~ :pinkiehappy:

Needs more dakka.

I can't stand seeing or reading things about poor-looking beggars. It makes me really angry at those greedy and corrupted government people here in my neighborhood. :twilightangry2:

anyway, a nice new story. the setting is pretty nice, and the foal as the main char is nice. :3

im really loving how rainbow and roarke just bounce off each other. this just started and its already awesome :)

Aw, i thought EEand Josh would be friends.
Oh yeah, what's up with these ponies and Queen Ledo's mammarys?

Because Rainbow Dash keeps flying East, that's why.

now these too are pretty funny together.

This story progresses very slowly.

I love it. Most writers set a single goal and get there quickly.

Your main objective (midnight armory) has made close to no headway in around 200 chapters.

Some might mistake this for sarcasm.
Not at all. I appreciate this like a classy lady not giving it up on the first date.
Or the 400th.
Annoyed slightly but excited for when the big finale really comes.

I am so so glad that EE is still alive, and seeing Josho breathing as well is also good.
I want to see him up against Shell in the future. :pinkiehappy:

I'm like 60 chapters behind. Soon as I'm done with everything today. READING THE FUCK OUTTA THIS STORY.

EE is awsome. That is all.

Oh boy another one! THEY SHALL NEVER END!

It has begun... AGAiN.

HA HA HA yes it's here! *favorites*

AI'm going to love this duo.:pinkiehappy:





):(, Of to a great start. Also, I really like how this one just dove right in to it, n o slow start this time. Forty-five pushups for the kickass start. Knock 'em out!

New protagonist? And it's a foal this time!

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