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An average person who does art and used to/still writes somewhat. Nox is my Tulpa.

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Welcome to my account page, I'm Nox Stella/Noxthepony. I'm a sfw and nsfw artist who used to write fanfics, although I stopped it to art, who knows, I may decide to write again or to add to my current stories.

This art piece is not drawn by me. ^^^

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Sometimes I go through the pages of old friends I had. It's kinda sad how many are gone now.

1627273 Yeah I know, but he never really said much about them. I'm hoping for a special edition where they move to the lake when Bramblestar is there, but then I wish Firestar would be there for that other then Starclan.

I know, they should include all the clans, when they went to the lake Firestar said that there was always four clans now that they are just missing one

1627263 Oooooo, I kinda half guessed something like that but that is awesome to know :3 Oh, I'll still read it definitely when I'm able to get the chance to. I wish they'd include Skyclan a bit more, I really wish Firestar told the clans about them, or even Skyclan returning.

  • Viewing 165 - 169 of 169
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