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I am Solar Beam. A fellowwarrior proud to stand by the warrior code. I am shadow clan but I am not that hostile. I think thunder clan are a bunch of goody goodies but I grew up there when our leader banished my mother. Any way. Enough about me. I made this group so ponies and cats can enjoy the world of warriors with me. Please join and add stories and make me proud!
May starclan light your path.

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362378 Ohhhh, I will look out for it!

I'm going to do a story for this soon, I'll try and add it here:pinkiehappy:

Really love:heart: banner, #coolbanner

Animated banner! Not mine though. found it on the internet

356342 It is nice to meetcha fellow warrior! May Starclan light your path. I am a deeeeeeeep warrior fan... I pretended to be a cat for six years of my life... Than I found warriors....

352180 Sorry, cant write. I am going to put in a story folder so ponies can put in stories.

352084 Gonna p6t a folder up so peeps can put up stories

350908 I can put up a blog about it!

350907 I hope this group will have a few more members... WE ARE SO ALONE:fluttershbad:

350805 OOOOOOOO glob.Have I been ignorant for soo long?

350555 BTW XD is an epic face. Kinda like :D Just EPPICER!

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