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Hello, everyone! This will be a roleplay group for Warrior Cats! I sometimes roleplay in the Warrior Cats group, but this group is completely for RPs. If you want to do a non-Warriors RP, go right ahead, though this group is mostly for Warriors RPs.

1. You have to sign up you cat and get them approved before you can start roleplaying. You sign up in your Clan's character thread, not in the RP thread.
2. You may create RPs, as long as you label them. No NSFW in a SFW thread.
3. No cats from other Clans in a Clan Roleplay thread, unless the thread includes a border patrol where you meet them, and you agree with the cats from both Clans that it will happen. Gatherings happen in the Gathering thread. All the Clan leaders have to agree when to have a Gathering.
4. You may only have one Clan leader, unless an admin says otherwise.
5. There will be a statistics thread, for statistics such as how many lives a leader has left.
6. You may make a Clan Roleplay thread for your made-up Clan, but it will not be stickied.
7. Please, try not to spoil anything from the books, for example, I'm only on Book 6 of the Power of Three.
8. You may have characters that are not cats, like if you want a dog that will end up fighting a cat, submit them into the Loner sign-up thread.
9. There will be a thread for where you can talk with the other members to decide whether to meet each other on a border patrol, which thread to do the border patrol in, and when to do Gatherings.
10. Have fun!


Character Threads-
Other Clans

Clan Roleplay Threads-

Other Threads:
Meeting Discussion Thread

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396717 haha stopped some spoilers jurist in case

Mother of god another warriors group. Fire---- is best cat


Great! It's really good. :twilightsmile:

352705 Lawl, while I'm at it, I'll pick up the series and start reading. :scootangel:


That's okay. :twilightsmile:


:rainbowlaugh: Search it, there are quite a few.

Its okay, because personally my favorite two clans are Windclan and Skyclan, So I was wondering:twilightblush:

I never thought that a "Warriors" group would pop up on this site. My brother is absolutely enthralled with the series. :applejackconfused:

Comment posted by LadyFacepalm deleted Mar 12th, 2014


I haven't read that one yet. I know about it, so I decided to just group it with the other Clans. Once I've read it, I will, because then I'll know. Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

(Small spoiler for Firestar's Quest)
Skyclan threads please?:pinkiehappy:

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