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Coming back to this old account. I'm Asexual. An amateur writer. My focus is more on art at this point, but I like to write when I can find time

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hello · 1:32am Dec 27th, 2019

Hey, there anyone that still follows me on here.
I moved away from MLP for a time. I associated it with a low point in my life when I was irresponsible and talked about things I thought I knew about but in reality, I didn't understand at all. I thought I was mature and level-headed and was really a little know-it-all.

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That's awesome! It's good to see people returning here.

Yes, it me. Been feeling nostalgic for mlp lately and I want to get back into writing!

Oh hey you’re back!

Thanks for the fav.

Hey! I got a new story out now, The Black Sun.

Thanks for the favorite :twilightsmile:

I think the first one is in my Read it Later so I'll check it out when I have some time!:pinkiehappy:
I only have one completed story and it's a one-shot so maybe read that?:unsuresweetie:

Yeah you kinda do.

If you have the time and the patience, go check out my series "Burning Star Saga"

If you're already reading it, tell me what you think.

The Brony community ain't called Bronies for nothing.
Aren't many Pegasisters around these parts.
(I sound like a cowboy oh my gosh.)

Thanks for them follow, first time meeting a girl writer here.

Pretty good.:twilightsmile:
I should be drawing right now instead of reading fanfiction though.:derpytongue2:
Your story sounds fun by the way and I can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:
I should work on my stories.:facehoof:

Hey there! How's it goin'?

Thanks! Go Warriors! More complete randomness!:rainbowwild:

I shall read it when I have some time later.:pinkiehappy:
Warriors Forever!:yay:

  • Viewing 65 - 84 of 84
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