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Hello Nancy Drew Clue Crew!

These are for people who absolutely adore the Nancy Drew books, games, adore mysteries and even those who just want to talk and interact with one another. I am the administrator, FourShadow, and I welcome you guys and girls to the group. I will allow you to put stories in, but the only ones I allow will be mystery related stories.

However, I do have rules, as all groups do.

1. Be nice to each other. Anyone caught violating the rules like being mean to one another with huge amounts of swearing or is caught spaming will be punished.
2. If you want to join even if you don't have anything to add, its fine by me.
3. Only fics I will allow, are ones that are regarding of Nancy Drew like, or are based around a mystery.
4. Put fics in the correct folder.
5. Love and Tolerate!
6. Have Fun!

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I like mystery stories

Thanks for the invite I will try to be a good member .

This is gonna be so awesome!!! Hehehehehe!:trixieshiftright:

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