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This group is for my friend RainSpirit18, who was so nice that she made a group about me.

Group requirements:

  1. You need to love horses
  2. You need to love Twilight (or one of the main 6)
  3. Your favorite colour is blue (only exception: Cutest Boxer Dog Ever doesn't need to like blue)
  4. You are kind
  5. You are never rude

Thank you!:twilightsmile:

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I most certainly love horses, and Spirit is my most favorite childhood movie EVER:pinkiehappy:! I'll definetily be including them in my MLP AU series, that much I can tell you:rainbowdetermined2:! Though that won't be for quite a while...:twilightblush:...sorry.

You can join; you're my friend! (And don't you dare say you aren't. No pressure!:pinkiesmile:)

Oh sometimes I can be rude just sometimes when I’m in a bad mood so can't join and everyone can be rude so not that much people are going to join

Oh thanks, that's for me!

Hi! All new members, please, PLEASE, follow RainSpirit18!

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