I really have 2 friends I want to dedicate this group to, Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever and RainSpirit18, but if you think you deserve to be acknowledged, go ahead and ask me!!!!

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That's what I told you NOT to do!!!

Don't need to. Actually, wait! You can do my chores, my homework, NOT take over my body... There are 1 000 000 things you can do. :P

You're welcome. Besides, you did the same for me and Puppy!

Thank you so much!

Thank you! How can I repay you in return?

Also, you're an administrator because this group is partly dedicated to you!

I don't need to, this is for my friends, not me! But thanks!!!! And please could you help alert RainSpirit18 so she joins?

You do too, Kunama! :pinkiesad2: And thanks!

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