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Hello and welcome to Heartwarming, which aims to fill a special, important niche of pony stories. If you need a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your chest, then let this group be your guide!

How this works:
Deposit stories in this group if they give warm fuzzy feelings, and those warm fuzzies are the overall point of the story. The Light in the Darkness is a perfect example of what we're looking for here, but there is some tonal leeway.
No clop, no "fetishes," no mature tag. Sex tag is allowed if it is harmless stuff you would find in a T rated game.
More folders will be added as time shows what stories need folders. The rules have recently changed to make it easier for users and administrators.

Please submit all stories to the [Submissions] folder. The administrators will then read them, and sort them into an appropriate subfolder:

[General] -- stories which don't fit anywhere else. The all-arounders.
[Adorable] -- stories that are super cute!
[Hilarious Heartwarming] -- comedic heartwarmers.
[Tearjerkers] -- stories that leave you with a misty-eyed smile.
[Scootalove] -- stories that focus on Scootaloo finally catching a break.
[Hurt/Comfort] -- stories where one character is comforted by another in times of sadness or injury.
[Romantic Hearts] -- stories which warm the heart through the power of love.
[Family Bonds] -- stories of siblings, parents, and children having bonding moments.
Finally, [Heartmelters] is for stories like the aforementioned The Light in the Darkness. Stories so intensely heartwarming that you can feel your heart melting as you read, hence the name. Essentially, our "cream of the crop" folder.

Your Friendly Mods:
Zocarik: Founder, Big Cheese, And All-Around Last Word
Bookish Delight: Second-In-Command, and the Unofficial Element Of Heartwarming
Portmeirion: Tireless Talent Scout
Elric of Melnipony: Banner designer and Story Scout
Einhander: Story Scout

Thanks, and happy reading!

Group banner and icon by Elric of Melnipony

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I have a problem, I want to remove a story from this group but I cant find it! Can someone help me? Its called Dashtale.

Will you get notified if your story gets put into a folder? Because I have had stories submitted months ago and as far as I know, they are not in any folders….

I think I found my group...:twilightsmile:

Heartwarming is the best holiday in Canterlot. The hot cocoa..

My one-shot isn't heartwarming until the end, but the story itself is cute. Even so, I have no idea how I would add it. :derpytongue2:

hello people of this group i am a bubbly girl who does her best to make people smile hahaha:pinkiehappy::heart::scootangel:

Members of the Heartwarming group,
If you have a story with the main character as an alicorn, unicorn, changeling, or any other species, consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

I like the new banner. Nice job Elric.


Luckily, it's now 726!

I find myself hesitant. I have a story that may be perfectly suitable... or not. I mean, it's not immediately heartwarming and there are more downs than ups, but the conclusion definitely qualifies. I guess I'll just have to throw it in here and see what happens. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by NorthStar-Studios deleted Jun 9th, 2014

Why have I just now found this group.

Hello to you all, and have a warm and fuzzy day!

353794 IKR
They should be cute tags but most cute stories are slice of life from what I seen

If only the site had an 'Adorable' or 'D'awww' tag! It'd be so much easier to find these.

340165 Agreed :twistnerd:
But I did this song is more matching in English


Kokoro is japaneese for "heart" and this group is called "Heartwarming " and when you think about it,the song is a bit heartwarming at the same-time sad :raritycry:

Joining! :twilightsmile: this group is the group for the type of stories I like :pinkiesad2:

Somehow, I feel like this song is a good theme for the group:

Didn't even notice that someone threw Experiments in here. Nice. I like the idea behind this group and am happy that my fic was thrown here.

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