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Converting my old 2014-2024 greentexts to prose and posting them here. Also writing new stuff.

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Multiple Stories Getting Updated · 6:08am May 1st

Just making it clear that I'm getting ready to publish the next chapter of Bros With Benefits, to go along with the next chapter of You Shouldn't Have Missed Valentine's Day I just put out. The former's next chapter is really long, and I want to make sure I minimized typos and stuff as much as I can before publishing it, but it's already just about done and I'm getting ready to publish it. I'll tag that one in this blog post since it's still not updated yet as of my typing this message, but

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What exactly is a greentext?

2428130 Oh hey! Haven't heard from you in months. :raritystarry:

Nice to see you're still around!

You... :rainbowderp:

Long time no see :twilightsmile:

You may not be Fapman, since I'm.

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