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This is a group dedicated to the preservation of the Princess of Love, Mi Amore Cadenza! Make love not war!

As you can guess, this group is dedicated to the canon portrayal of Princess Cadence (we also accept Cadance) so of course Romance stories are encouraged. If you are unsure where a story belongs you may leave it in the main folder and the mods can sort it out. Otherwise feel free to submit stories to the appropriate folders as needed with the exception of clop fics.

Clop fics will have to pass by the moderators first but they will be allowed as long as they are relatively tasteful.

Associate groups:

The Princesses Dedicated to all the princesses as a whole.

Protect Celestia Dedicated to the preservation of the image of everyone's favorite Sun Princess.

The Defenders of Luna Similar premise as Protect Celestia only with 100% more Luna.

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Surrender your secrets: Source the icon if you can

Congrats on reaching over 100 members! :pinkiehappy:

Both of my stories I've published have been Cadence stories. Can you please look at them and see if you'd like to put them in your group? Thanks.

330622 That picture just made me notice that Cadence has a really thick neck. She's definitely a favorite that's grown on me. Plus she's a fun pony to work with in stories.

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