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This Group is for stories that have the same content as the episodes. That means:

(1) No clopfics
(2) Romance is fine, only within the context of the show ( No sex )
(3) Definitely no foalcon
(4) No rape
(5) No gore
(6) Dark is allowed so long as it contains none of the proscribed content.

In short, this is a collection of stories that are suitable for the show's target demographic. Thanks for visiting!

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ESpecial Talents
A collection of stories about adorable fillies and how they got their cutie marks.
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Hey there, I just joined this group.. maybe some of you could take a look at my stories?
Soarin(g) over the Rainbow
Free Falling

A good suggestion for anyone that can't decide what stories to add (don't add more than three at one time)

1. Ask yourself this. What story do I want to expand upon (make a sequel/prequel to)/ edit first?

2. If that fails use what Fans consider your best stories are.

406639 So post it in the forums right? okay then! :twilightsmile:

So very sorry for not getting back to you in so long! First of all, WELCOME, and second the stories have to be screened by myself or one of the contribs first. Basically, suggest a story in your post. Add the link, 'cause we can be lazy at times, and one of us will look it over. If it meets our standards, it's in! Simple!

Hello everyone here! I'm a new member, and I'm wondering how do I add a story in here? I want to add a story in here but I can't seem to? Can anyone here help?

I know I'm late in saying this, but welcome aboard.

Wow, not too many people here...
I've been looking for a place where I can escape the endless clop and crap.


'Common sense' would explain why I can't grasp it, I suppose. :raritywink: Well, I'm sure something else I write someday will qualify. (I'd think 'Rum Punch' might, except for the drinking in it.)

Hopefully that will be common sense. I don't want this Group to be focused on what it can't show, and too many rules is simply no fun. That's why there's a screening process; this should weed out ( pun intended ) any undesirable material.


You might want to add a 'no drug content' rule, as well, now that I think of it. (Although technically the show has salt, which clearly seems to intoxicate based on the way the ponies in Appleloosa were reacting to it, so maybe 'no explicit drug use'? I'm not really sure where the lines for G-rated content are. 'Adventure Time' has necromancy in the first episode and several of the mane six seem to display specific mental illness symptoms.)


Implied romance is a frequent subplot in general, so it's easy to miss sometimes. The revision looks good. :twilightsmile:


I'd actually forgotten about those couples! Modifying the rules.


Just what I was going to say. Also, technically, there was a romantic subtext to one of the primary plots (Rarity-Trenderhoof-Applejack).

I think this might actually warrant a modification of the rules. Perhaps what was really meant was 'no romantic plots', or just 'no romance involving acts beyond kissing'? :applejackconfused:

This Group is for stories that have the same content as the episodes. That means:

No Romance

This... Doesn't make sense. Especially since romance is present in the show. Shining Armor and Cadance? The Cake couples?


That's what and who I'm looking for. Welcome aboard!

If you check my library you'll see that I believe very strongly in supporting this sort of fiction. This is why I write. I'd like to add stories here.

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