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Freaking be nice and Love and Tolerate the shoot out of each other here and please only posts rated Everyone stories here...because that's the purpose of the whatever you want I guess...I mean keep it clean...for obvious reasons...or else...Pinkie Pie will visit you in your sleep. something inappropriate with feed you a "Cupcake"...

~The Masked Ghost/Bob Tom...

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E is for emotional.
E is for everyone.

I don't mind throwing in a few E stories here:twilightsmile:. Though a couple of them may seem a bit...emotional:pinkiesad2:.

Hang on nevermind I figured out how

I am new here hello how do I put fics on here

This place is DEFINITELY for me and my fan fictions! :pinkiehappy:

if's odd how number of the stories overrule the amount of members this group has, it's actually amazing! :twilightsmile:

A place for E-rated stories? The phrase "relevant to my interests" comes to mind! :yay: Off to submit a few of mine...

323951 No. No I don't. As long as it gets passed by the moderators with the Everybody Rating approved, then it can be put on here.

Do you check how safe the fics reviewed here are?
I want to put pirates on a fic and pirates are pretty brutal.


You'd be surprised at the stuff you can get away with and still have an E rating.

Take this for example (Granted the actual rating was E10+ but it's still pretty much the same. That rating usually just refers to cartoon violence.):

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