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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

Ponyfic Roundup reviews

Read my potted reviews of MLP fanfiction on my off-site blog Louder Yay every Wednesday. The series has been running since March 2014, and I don't intend to stop any time soon!

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Cracking it open · 11:44pm January 28th

The term "cracking it open", for a book or an eye or whatever, is not, traditionally, standard British English usage. It's crept in in very recent years for the usual "American English gets everywhere" reasons, but it still feels a bit foreign. Maybe this is why I find it quite intrusive when a fic uses the term every bloody time Twilight opens a book. Just sayin'. :rainbowwild:

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Hi there. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I confess I'd skimmed it before. I almost never delete comments unless they contain personal information or something, but though Bad Dragon's comment didn't do that, that post was over the line. It's gone.

Bad Dragon: Please don't comment stuff like that on my userpage. It isn't appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know if Bad Dragon is joking or not, as it is very hard for me to read him through text, but do you think you could delete his last comment? It’s weird if it’s a joke, TMI if true, and honestly all around disturbing to say about a person in his life.

Personally, I also find it rude to plop that comment on someone else’s profile, but maybe I’m a bit too sensitive and overstepping by even asking this lol.

Commenting on my own account , which is probably bad form. After all, what can I tell myself that I don't already know? But it does mean something harmless and silly is the most recent comment.

Comment posted by Bad Dragon deleted Jul 14th, 2022


I'll ask in a different way. Imagine that you try to surprise your spouse with a delicacy.

Bad Dragon, do me a favor.
Please do not marry Loganberry without careful consideration first. :twilightsmile:

3073475 I wasn't trying to bug you about it or anything like that. I think everyauthor is wondering what you thought of their story, but you're always playing the silent mysterious type. I was afraid that you might think that nopony cares about your thoughts which would be the exact opposite of reality, and I'd be a bad bad dragon if I just let you marinade in such falsehood, so I was compelled to reject your reality and substitute it with my own if such was the case.

But, since I was completely wrong and your reasons are lack of time and stress(?), you should probably just forget about my awkward visitation here that turned out to be unneeded in the first place.


It's ironic. I spewed up all that wall of text exactly because I wanted you to understand what I'm saying without offending you.

Well, considering I said, "I'm not offended or anything, of course not..." I think you succeeded there. Huzzah!

So, have you ever considered giving your thoughts as well so that we authors could improve?

I have. The trouble is that I'm not very good at it. Ironic I know, given all those blog reviews I write, but 'tis a different form. Thinking back, I think I have had a go in one or two FF150s. I don't know why I stopped then -- possibly we had one of those months with 21 entries or something and I just didn't have the time.

So, no promises. This isn't a yes. But it's not a no either.


come across a little bit like long-form browbeating.

It's ironic. I spewed up all that wall of text exactly because I wanted you to understand what I'm saying without offending you.

So, have you ever considered giving your thoughts as well, so that we authors could improve?

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