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Write something, Logan! · 10:26am Aug 25th, 2020

This is staying my top blog entry until I actually publish something. I mean, it's been over a year. :raritycry:

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Hello Loganberry

So I have no clue if you remember, but back in 2015 you stumbled across my story about Celestia and Luna called "Many Moons Ago"

I've recently had a huge nostalgia trip and was sort of just browsing through the various Brony stuff I used to be involved in, finding merch I bought, watching videos and music and all that jazz and I found this profile again.

It's strange. Browsing through so many stories I had intended to read. Stories I was following and lost track of. Stories I finished reading and either have no recollection of or vividly recall their plots. It was a different epoch and yet it was so engrossing and amazing at the time. And here I am, clicking through author names and old stories marked with last updates from 2013 and last online's from 2014. Almost like walking through an old mall. No one's here except the empty shops they once ran.

Then I clicked the front page and saw stories posted as recently as 2 hours ago. I see a gallery of creativity referencing characters I once knew, and those I never saw. And after that I clicked to your profile. And I saw that not only were you active, but recently so.

This may be somewhat overly dramatic, and unexpected, and even I can't fully parse why I feel the need to write this to you, but I also don't think I need to question it. To see you continuing to be so active in this community (and what's more, to be so vehemently opposed to the worst the fandom has to offer, much the same as I am), gives me genuine joy! For some reason I feel as if the story I wrote and posted here epitomises the height of my love for this fandom, and your comments and critique of it seem to highlight why I loved being a part of this community when it was still such a huge part of my identity. The people who genuinely welcomed each other and wanted to see one another improve and create wonderful things!

So, I guess in short I wanted to thank you. Thanks for being a reminder of the best that Bronies had/have to offer. I don't know you, but I genuinely hope you are well in these trying times, and I hope you have continued to find happiness in the creators around you as well as that which you have created.

From one stranger to another, Thanks :pinkiesmile: :twilightsmile:

Don't worry, I'm not annoyed with you. :twilightsmile:

I've currently decided against joining any more groups, but I'll keep it in mind. Please don't keep asking me about the same thing; it's not very friendly.

Would you still be interested in joining “FiM Will Live on Forever”?

Oh I see, well thanks for reviewing it and glad you liked it! ^^

The catalyst for doing it was reviewing never forever here, but I might have done it before if I hadn't been so disorganised. :rainbowwild: And thank you in return!

Oh hey thanks for the follow! Deuces!

Hey, thanks for the follow Loganberry!! Hope your Sunday’s going well!:twilightsmile:

Here at Spain, we're doing pretty well. We'll see what happens next, but it's currently going pretty well.

  • Viewing 123 - 132 of 132
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