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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

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In short: if you want to request a Ponyfic Roundup review of your story, please send me a PM and we'll talk about it. I'm online most days. I will only review complete fics, and short/mid-length stories have the best chance of acceptance. I read very few novel-length fics. Be prepared to wait, since I have quite a long RiL list.

Please don't ask me to review foalcon (ever), incest, story-free porn, fics about Anon or crossovers I don't know.


The never-ending stor(e)y · 1:55pm May 19th

For some reason this is one of the points readers of mine (including off-site ones) have mentioned several times, perhaps because it's one of those Transatlantic divides that isn't all that well known. So: when you're talking about the floors of a building:

US English: one story, two stories. The same spelling and the same plural as for the other kind of story.
UK English: one storey, two storeys. Not the same spelling or the same plural as for the other kind of story.

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Hoi, hoi, u embleer Hrair, isn't it? 🐰

greatness! thanks :) will give that a read

also, implanting the idea of a crossover was absolutely my purpose :P

I mean rabbits

Richard's language... how does it work so well. By Frith :P

Only the full-length one, and that was twenty years ago! Blackavar's Gift. I have thought occasionally about a crossover with MLP, but it's never come together.

Hey Bright Eyes, the members of owsla were chewing the flay, and we wondering if our resident rabbit writer, Loganberry, had made any Watership down fics. :pinkiehappy:

Well, I'm not brimming with inspiration either, I'm afraid. :fluttershysad: (Besides a regular crossover, some sort of Let's Read with either the ponies or the Equestria Girls might be interesting... but that's probably not your style of fic.)

Yes, several times. I've never thought of a way I could make it work well and have fun with it, though. Angel would doubtless have to figure! The only crossover fic I know of is BluePhoenyx's Run Rabbit Run, but that was never completed and what is there didn't enormously grab me when I read it a while back.

Also, to anyone who wonders what all this is about, Blackavar's Gift was the first full fanfic story I ever published, back in 2003. It's not the greatest fic in the world, but it has its moments.

A few years back, I think.

Have you ever considered crossing the fandoms?

Oh gosh, that's going back a bit -- I feel suddenly old to realise that I wrote it 20 years ago! :derpyderp1: Still, I wouldn't have ended up in this fanfic world without that, so it will always be dear to me despite its many flaws. Thank you very much for reading it, of course. :twilightsmile:

And... re-read? Did you read it way back when it was new, or were both reads more recent?

Just re-read Blackavar's Gift. An interesting mystery of sorts.

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