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I write stories. They tend to have ponies in. I also run the Louder Yay blog, including Ponyfic Roundup. Reviews of my fics, good or bad, always welcome.

Given the rules clarification, I will not leave simple "Thanks for the follow/fave" messages. I do greatly appreciate follows/faves, and I'll still reply to PMs, and to reviews, comments and queries on my stories or userpage.

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Flashfic 150: July contest now open · 8:18pm July 10th

Flashfic 150 is a low-pressure, no-actual-prize monthly contest for 150-word SFW flashfics inspired by a specific prompt. Anyone with a Fimfiction account is welcome to compete; just join the Flashfic group.
July prompt: "Crossing Over". Submissions are open until 21st July.

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You're welcome! And I know you've read my blog review now, but "that moment" (as answered in my comment there) was what pushed it into fave territory. It was very close even before that, though, as a fine tale of an AU Sunset.

Thanks for giving Little Truths a chance! Glad you liked it! Mind if I ask what earned the fave?

2440766 I was doing a review edition with a story from every year of the fandom, but of course there was nothing on EqD or Fimfiction from 2010. So, off to FF.net I went... and ta-da, PP&A's CH! I did another one a while back that was reviewing the first six stories to get the old 6-star rating on EqD, but I don't know which (if any) of those were first published somewhere else in 2010. I suspect none, but I don't have hard evidence except for those stories that use canon from 2011. So for now at least, Cooking Hour! remains the oldest I've found.

PS: I've also read P3 Project Episode 1: The Emergency by Bookish Delight, which appeared on Fimfiction in October 2011 but which I believe is the only 2010-published ponyfic by an author who's still active in the fandom. I didn't think that much of it, but I don't think I knew at the time of my review that it was so much older than its Fimfiction publication date.

I've spent the last couple days hunting down the oldest stories in the fandom, and guess who seems to be in the comments section for all of them? Even Pinkie Pie and Applejack's Cooking Hour!? Possibly the oldest story in the fandom, the one that no one else seems to have noticed?

It seems that on my quest to find the oldest story, I've simply been retracing your (very recent) steps. Tell me, did you ever find anything older than that? I've checked FimFiction, PonyFictionArchive, Equestria Daily, and Fanfiction.net, and that story is the oldest that I could find.

And now that you've caught my attention, I guess it's time to give some of your stories a shot!

edit: I just checked the full review of Cooking Hour!, where you say that it's the oldest story that you found. Well, I tip my pith helmet to you, fellow story archaeologist!

2318582 You're welcome! I try to make a point of not only reviewing stories with 10k views; it's always nice to uncover hidden gems. Your story certainly did enough that I'd be interested in reading the sequel/continuation, so good luck with that if/when you decide to go ahead. Extra points for Pratchettiness, of course! :pinkiehappy:

Didn't think anyone would ever actually review Tower of the West but thanks for taking a look and adding it to the Louder Yay blog.

It certainly is a quick little story with an odd ending as it was more a test run; and hopefully will one day serve as the opening 'chapter' to the rest of the story. Glad you liked it and well done on spotting the bar reference. As a note, Wrath's brother is called 'Soft Answer'. It rather takes after the Pratchettesque 'Lancre' convention of naming.

2305344 Oh, I can do worse than that. For example, we also don't use "lede" -- it's just "lead" whatever the context. Also, electric kettles. :P

2305194 Oi, you English git, ruining my puns!

2251148 Missed this for some reason. Sadly British English pronounces my name more or less as "Loganbree", so the pun doesn't work. Shame, as it amused me. :twilightsmile:

Do you ever write articles with the most important information not found until several paragraphs in?

Do you ever...

Loganbury the lede?

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