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Welcome to the Rare Story Prompts Group

This group exists to promote and encourage story types and genres that are rare in the MLP: FiM fandom, and to host contests for authors wishing to write such stories.

Whilst the fandom is blessed with a wide range of excellent fics, there are a number of genres that are sadly less well represented. We, the members of this group, aim to increase the variety of fics within the fandom, and to promote good writing in general. All fans of good writing will find themselves welcome here.


(1) Be Polite. Nobody is expected to like everybody, but basic courtesy is expected in the forums.
(2) Troll fics are not allowed.
(3) Contributors can add stories to the Recommended Stories folder. Please contact A British Gentleman if you desire Contributor status.
(4) Stories written for contests are to be added to the Contest Folder. Please reply to the relevant contest thread to submit your fic for entry.
(5) Stories must be written for the contests, in the allowed timeframe, to be considered for entry.
(6) Please post prompt suggestions in the Suggestions thread.
(7) Do not necro threads. If the thread has been inactive for two months, create a new thread or use the general chat thread.

Useful Links

Top Stories. The fics on this page are here for a reason. Authors can learn a good deal from reading these and taking in what makes them work.

The Writing Guide. Still a damn good tool, particularly for the inexperienced. A lot of people don't realise that this exists.

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