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A British Gentleman

I am a fan of many things, particularly the fine works of Sir Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace). After spending a long time lurking, I have elected to create an account.


Too Funny Not to Share · 7:11pm Jun 10th, 2020

Good evening, my fine ladies and gentlemen. I may be a touch late with this, but I feel it's too good to pass up on. Behold, fanfic, as written by predictive text:

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Hey, are you okay? Haven't seen any stuff from you for a while.

True that, one of my favorite moments has to be where every time Black Adder said Macbeth, the two actors end up tweaking each other's noses,XD


What can I say, it's a great show

Greetings sir! I see that you're a fellow Black Adder fan like myself!

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