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A British Gentleman

I am a fan of many things, particularly the fine works of Sir Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace). After spending a long time lurking, I have elected to create an account.


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[Rant] Quick Question: Have You Ever Wondered What Real Scumbags Sound Like? · 8:33pm October 3rd

Greetings, my good ladies and gentlemen, on this fine Autumn evening.

To repeat the title of this blog, have you ever wondered what a real, balls-to-the-wall scumbag sounds like, when such a creature feels itself to be in the good company of its own. How they think? How their vile little brains work? I'm talking about the genuine article here: the sort of guys who make "Nigerian Prince" email scammers look like cute little girls with lemonade stands.

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I can tell you that the judging is all done, and has been for quite a while. I contacted Verbose myself on this matter last week, and he said that he was currently dealing with something in real life that was keeping him off site.

I could post a results thread myself, but F*** this Prompt is Verbose's baby, and I am very reluctant to do so until I have no choice.

I'm afraid we will all have to continue to be patient.

Hey there! So what happened to the F*** This Prompt contest? Verbose Mode seems to have disappeared -- here hoping he's okay -- so I have no idea if the thing is ever going to have an actual conclusion. Do you think you'll at least post the results, even if it ain't official? For closure's sake and so on. Or are we just waiting for Verbose?

Whitest Kids U'Know?


I do seem to be acquiring a fair number of these lately. Many thanks again. :pinkiehappy:

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