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A British Gentleman

I am a fan of many things, particularly the fine works of Sir Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace). After spending a long time lurking, I have elected to create an account.


Too Funny Not to Share · 7:11pm Jun 10th, 2020

Good evening, my fine ladies and gentlemen. I may be a touch late with this, but I feel it's too good to pass up on. Behold, fanfic, as written by predictive text:

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[Non Pony] Purest Snake Oil · 11:26pm Jan 8th, 2019

Good evening, my good ladies and gentlemen. I hope to find you alive, well and, preferably, tipsy.

A video recently dropped on YouTube, concerning the vexing topic of Anti-Vaxxers. Some of it, however, featured a firm called Coseva. A seller of outrageously overpriced snake oil, it's claims about its products are mindbogglingly stupid and wrong.

Which brings us to the Detox industry, one of the biggest scams in the world today.

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I Really Hope That This Guy is a Troll · 11:58am Dec 23rd, 2018

Good morning, my good ladies and gentlemen, and a Merry Christmas to all.

I'm hoping that the guy I'm about to show you is a troll, but, having looked at his posting history, there's a very real chance he's the real deal. If so, I present to you the least self-aware arsehole on the internet. As you read that statement, consider the state of the competition...

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Excelsior, Stan Lee. You Will be Greatly Missed · 8:26pm Nov 12th, 2018

Stan Lee has died, after a long, full life.

We will never see his like again. Let us celebrate his legacy.


[Non-Pony] CERN Controversy: An Impartial Scientist's Perspective · 8:57pm Oct 3rd, 2018

Greetings my good ladies and gentlemen. I hope to find you well.

For the benefit of anyone who hasn't been following the news on the matter, an Italian physics professor, Alessandro Strumia, was invited to participate in a workshop on gender in physics by Cern, with an audience largely composed of young, early career (Ph.D students and Postdocs) female physicists.

He did not, to put it mildly, show great wisdom in assembling his presentation.

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Rare Story Prompts Contest #02 [Closed] · 7:13pm May 19th, 2018

Greetings my good ladies and gentlemen one a fine late spring evening.

Following on from our successful first contest, it is my pleasure to present the logical follow up. Thus I am proud to present our second prompt.

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Judge Wanted for Rare Story Prompts Contest #02 · 4:39pm May 17th, 2018

Good afternoon, my good ladies and gentlemen. I hope that the day goes well.

Just a quick request here: I need a judge for a story prompt that will be taking place very soon; the prompt will be given on Saturday, and one month will be allowed for entries.

If you are interested in judging a contest, please let me know.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Reviews #09: Aphrodite's Dance · 7:30pm May 13th, 2018

Greetings my good ladies and gentlemen on this lovely late spring afternoon. I hope to find you cool, refreshed and revitalised.

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A Single Pale Rose [Steven Universe] · 4:50pm May 9th, 2018

WARNING: Blog contains spoilers for Steven Universe Season 5 Episode 18: A Single Pale Rose. DO NOT read this until you have watched the episode.

Seriously, you DO NOT want this episode spoiled.

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Rare Story Prompts Contest #01 Winner · 7:33pm May 7th, 2018

Greetings my good ladies and gentlemen, on this delightful Spring evening. May you be full of barbecue and beer, as I currently am.

Once again, I would like to thank all the authors who entered the first contest of the Rare Story Prompts Group. For the record, the prompt:

First or second person HiE, with a FEMALE point of view character

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