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I am a fan of many things, particularly the fine works of Sir Terry Pratchett (may he rest in peace). After spending a long time lurking, I have elected to create an account.

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Judge Wanted for Rare Story Prompts Contest #02 · 4:39pm May 17th, 2018

Good afternoon, my good ladies and gentlemen. I hope that the day goes well.

Just a quick request here: I need a judge for a story prompt that will be taking place very soon; the prompt will be given on Saturday, and one month will be allowed for entries.

If you are interested in judging a contest, please let me know.

Comments ( 8 )

I'd be interested in judging contests, though I don't know how many people would be interested in having me as a judge.


I'm more interested in the quality of the judge than their follower count. You're certainly qualified.

I really enjoyed judging the first one. It was good fun. 8/10, would judge again.

Only, y'know, not this time, because I just did one. So somebody else go do it.


Are you happy to judge the contest, then?


Sure, I'm relatively certain no one here knows where I live. As long as they've all read the disclaimer and signed their waiver forms, I'm good.


Awesome. I'll pm you with more details tomorrow.

I'd be happy to judge a contest.

Edit: Did not read all the conditions, and it looks like I missed the deadline. My apologies.


No worries. If it's okay, you can judge contest three when that happens.

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