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We were somewhere around Ponyville, on the edge of the Everfree, when the Poison Joke began to take hold.

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Episkopos Batwing Candlewaxxe GAC, Moonshadow Cabal, Apostle to Equestria and Environs, and Gothest of Gothponies from the Land of Rain and Hipsters. fnord

I write stuff. Some of it is about ponies, which I put here. Some of it is not, which I don't put here. Some of the pony stuff is racy. Some of it is insane. Some of it is highly confusing. You have been warned.

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Interrupting my usual cavalcade of inspirational quotes and witty aphorisms, to add an important message: People Care. Many of us are aware of the presence of the racist, misogynist, fascist, incel, reactionary factions and their sympathizers and apologists on Fimfiction and in the fandom in general; made quite pointedly obvious by reactions to the Black Lives Matter protests. Many of us are also feeling alone and outnumbered by the bad actors. We're not. Impossible Numbers has compiled a short list of people speaking out for the values taught by MLP:FiM, both in relation to the real-life events, and to bad elements in the fandom. If you're feeling like leaving, like the edgelords and creeps are controlling everything, go here and read the blog posts linked, maybe it will help: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/904159/i-aim-to-be-on-the-side-of-the-angels

Also, go read this: https://twitter.com/woot_master/status/1231401516034088961
And this too: https://www.boredpanda.com/bar-bartender-nazi-punk-iamragesparkle/

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Minimalism can get pretty complicated.

“You know those days when things keep getting worse faster than you can lower your standards?" - Carrie Fisher

“Sometimes I write drunk and revise sober, and sometimes I write sober and revise drunk. But you have to have both elements in creation — the Apollonian and the Dionysian, or spontaneity and restraint, emotion and discipline.” -Peter De Vries, Reuben, Reuben

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

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No it's gone · 4:53am July 17th

I had a thing here that was going to be a long thing but it's just not worth it anymore because it doesn't make any kind of sense anymore and I give up it's just not worht it because it never fucking works right and nothing ever ccome s out the way it's suppose to do so i guess there isn't really any point in bothering anymore it's just broken and no way to fix any of it the entire thing is just oo much of a bloody mess so i't gone and it doesn't have to be there anymore.

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My current avatar is a My Little Wombat named Turnip; created by the amazingly talented writer and artist Ursula Vernon. If you haven't read anything of hers, I strongly recommend starting with her webcomic Digger.

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Posh #17 · Saturday · · ·

I will obtain for you a case of Muscular Drink in commemoration of your numerous and honorable contributions to public discourse.

Thank you for the follow!

Thanks for the follow!

Brain must not be working, 'cause I don't remember what that refers to.

Since the thread got locked: that makes the two of us, because I can't believe it needs to be explained that a hunger/anger pun with Trollestia emote was sarcastic, but whatever...

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