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This is for those stories that you think are bad juju. You don't have to have a reason. You just find your gorge rising.

It's not that the story is bad. It's not that it's good, either. You simply look at the title, the picture, and/or the description, and you think to yourself, "This is one of those stories." The author really should have put more thought into that cover picture. Or maybe they should have hired an editor to fix things up a bit. The clop could be horrendous in it. You find some facet of it appalling.

Masochists will want to read the stories in this group. So will rage readers. Also people who just enjoy that shudder that goes up their spine as their body goes through that first gag before they start throwing up. Your reasons are your own. We won't judge.

Remember, don't attack nobody. This is to find the fics that you find absolutely disgusting, as well as discussion on what you find absolutely disgusting in a fic. Hence the name.

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Someone put my story here, damn, not that it bothers me, but I didn't expect it.

At least it wasn't MLP trainspotting, which was the first story to write here, that one makes me a little embarrassed, that's why I haven't put it in any group LMAO :rainbowlaugh:

I can already tell THIS is going to be a fun Group! The Folders alone are hilarious!

Who are the Admins of this group???

write like i do and you'll get there, after all, you saw *my* story xD

I'm still waiting for someone to add my story Dreams of Forever into this group. Come on! I want to be absolutely disgusting too!

I was wondering where my story would go, well now I know. :trollestia:


I hate to tell you this but if people had to have permission to put stories in this group, there would be no stories in it. I'm not holding up for them or the reasons they give for people to put stories in here but asking them to remove it probably ain't going to work. The most you can do is go into the featured groups settings on your story and uncheck this group. Then it won't show up as it being here.

My advice though, when creating a story fix it to where the groups it is in won't automatically appear. That way you can decide which groups it is shown as being in. I will admit, in the past it did upset me when my stories would wind up in here or similar groups but ultimately I figured, "Whatever and quit stressing out over it." Then again I have much bigger issues going on in my life than my stories being put in a group like this.

I would like my story titled Retirement in Equestria to be removed as it was posted to this board WITHOUT my express permission. Please and Thank you.

Well, I am not mad that my little story found its way here, but I'm just disappointed that a group like exist to have a hate boner for stories.

Yes I get that people watch bad movies because its so bad its good, hence like the room.

But I find it kind of disheartening that instead of people actually critiquing and wanting to make your stuff better, you just slap it here and everyone laughs at it.

How do you grow and be better if you just shit on it and leave?

Cheers guys

Hey I couldn't help but notice my story is still in the poor cover art category. I'd just updated it to be a much less pixelated cover. :derpytongue2:

What this group needs is a folder for stories with Spike along with the romance/sex tag because those types of stories are absolutely disgusting.

You homophobic bigots really added my homosexual story to this bin?

I'd complain about one of my stories being here. But it's a waste of time, and I get the feeling that whoever did add it did it out of spite of not being able to understand the story.

Thanks for adding my story here! I’m as proud of it as Button’s mom’s proud of her boy. :ajsmug:

That most of the stories in that folder are stories which should actually be there.

What did you find? :moustache:


couldn't of said it better myself

i just hope the stories are given a fair chance and not immediately judged for the controversial author

To be fair, this group doesn't necessitate that you hate the stories featured here. Guilty pleasures are a thing after all. And some of the movies I watched and enjoyed were the result of the Nostalgia Critic's reviews of those movies.

Besides, Mykan's stories being featured in this group has nothing to do with "petty spite". It's because they legitimately are bad for one reason or another.

thanks anyways

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