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This is for those stories that you think are bad juju. You don't have to have a reason. You just find your gorge rising.

It's not that the story is bad. It's not that it's good, either. You simply look at the title, the picture, and/or the description, and you think to yourself, "This is one of those stories." The author really should have put more thought into that cover picture. Or maybe they should have hired an editor to fix things up a bit. The clop could be horrendous in it. You find some facet of it appalling.

Masochists will want to read the stories in this group. So will rage readers. Also people who just enjoy that shudder that goes up their spine as their body goes through that first gag before they start throwing up. Your reasons are your own. We won't judge.

Remember, don't attack nobody. This is to find the fics that you find absolutely disgusting, as well as discussion on what you find absolutely disgusting in a fic. Hence the name.

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Clop and hard work do not exist in the same universe. It's a universal law.

Fine. it's just I really worked hard on that story.

Deleting each and every comment does not help the story's image. It turned me off. Probably did for others.

WHY IS MY ONLY STORY IN FEATURED HERE??? I mean it's not like it is my first ever story that ever got past moderation or anything.

I am gonna go type somewhere else now:fluttershysad:

Never mind! I figured it out.

Hey, kinda new to this whole 'talking to others' thing. Can anyone tell me how to add stories, or recommend stories to be added to the group?

When you think about it. This group is kinda an oxymoron. I mean, you put stories that are absolutely disgusting here but in that regard, so people can read said absolutly disgusting story to enjoy it in some way, shape, or form.

Though I understand why some people are upset to see their story here (gosh look at these comments) I say...it's the internet dude...get over it, as long as YOU the author liked your own story what other people say doesn't really matter as long as you like doing what you love. I honestly can't wait to see my stories added here. I mean, I'm not finished with any of them but I'm surprised my story "Bloodthorn Mansion" isn't added to the Edgy section since it's a creepypasta

That's probably because the story isn't quite clear yet. Anyways, keep up the good work. Writers need supportive comments, but nothing beats tough love and professional critisicm

Lol what even is this group? Like, the entire group should go into another group called "Why?" If that was even possible. Not gonna lie, the reasons in these folders are pretty funny. I'll probably see my stories in here one day, but that's fine by me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions...well not really.
The comments are funny too.

I can understand why a group like this exists but let's be real, most people who are here just joined for shits and giggles, while those who ARE serious are probably "Judged a Book By Its Cover" people.

But, whatever, y'know different strokes for different folks.

What category is my story in? It's called "Grey Tiger"

Alright it seems you hate my story im offended im just asking in what cetagory

I'm just sayin that even if your story got posted here SO WHAT?! Do you see anyone else being all pissy about it? NO! So sit the fuck down. Shut the FUCK UP and move on with your life, you aren't gonna change people on the internet so why waste your time hmm?

Um, putting their stories into groups like this. Hello? Anyone who's curious would get pissed upon seeing this. So go ahead and pretend you're all dominant and that you know everything about me and everything I've done, but news flash, I don't support discrimination. And if you don't like this group, then don't defend it like you're their fucking politician.

Actually, I personally dislike this group the only reason I even join is to reply to comments, I just saw you being rather rude to other people and found it rather funny...after all and I quote from you here friend

You're just trying to piss on them

remind me again what you are doing to all these people every time you open that septic waste system that is your mouth?

A prick wouldn't try to defend writers from being discriminated by groups like this. You're just trying to piss on them and then pretend to hate their stories to cover it up. I bet if I uploaded a story chapter of any kind, you picky dickholes would hate it without even reading it.

Hi there just a friendly reminder

Remember, don't attack nobody. This is to find the fics that you find absolutely disgusting, as well as discussion on what you find absolutely disgusting in a fic.

You are a being a righteous prick friend. please straighten your life out. Have a wonderful day!

I admit that my story is bad... and absolutely disgusting.

How did I get here? LOL

Still fun putting stories into groups without the writers consent you hate forcing basterds? Well I hope you enjoy it, because I'm more than willing to give you some hints on opinion developing rather than forcing your hatred. This should be fun, even for you Gary Stu/Mary Sue term supporters. Oh, and visit Vibrant Allot. I think you have a supporter.

  • Viewing 174 - 193 of 193
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