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This is for those stories that you think are bad juju. You don't have to have a reason. You just find your gorge rising.

It's not that the story is bad. It's not that it's good, either. You simply look at the title, the picture, and/or the description, and you think to yourself, "This is one of those stories." The author really should have put more thought into that cover picture. Or maybe they should have hired an editor to fix things up a bit. The clop could be horrendous in it. You find some facet of it appalling.

Masochists will want to read the stories in this group. So will rage readers. Also people who just enjoy that shudder that goes up their spine as their body goes through that first gag before they start throwing up. Your reasons are your own. We won't judge.

Remember, don't attack nobody. This is to find the fics that you find absolutely disgusting, as well as discussion on what you find absolutely disgusting in a fic. Hence the name.

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I adore the phrase Gary Stu/Mary Sue! It's a godsend that needs to be carried out for every second of it's flawless generation!

PSYCHE! It still needs to die.

You gonna answer my question? How is Draco a Gary Stu?

Okay then, please explain why My Little Pony X is in the Mary Sue/Gary Stu section?

My first fic does belong here lmao.

Also, why is my story called My Little Pony X in the Gary Stu/Mary Sue section? Not only do I think that phrase needs to die, but I don't get why my story is in that section at all.

Also, why is my story known as My Little Pony X in the Mary Sue/Gary Stu section? Not only do I think that phrase needs to die, but why is it in there to begin with?

Please take my story known as A Friendship Thrown Aside off of here. It doesn't deserve to be on here, and I doubt the one who put it on here even read it, and when they did, they pretended to hate it to leave it on there.

I do have one question. In what I'm writing now, Twilight is getting a major upgrade on top of what she got in season 3. Does that put her into one of the folders here?

I've gotten good advice to steer her away from at least one folder. I hope.

Hey, can you submit your own work here? I ask this because I have one story that truly belongs here.

I would like to clarify that High Speed Engines is not a crossover. It takes the MLP universe and reimagines it with the main cast as steam engines. There are no characters from any other setting.

oof, this is straight where my story goes, my first one too

Just realized that the first fanfic i've ever finished landed here. I'm honestly not surprised, i would even say i find it hillarious that it took me so long to realize!

Hey genius, this "community" is about reading and writing amateur fiction about pastel ponies. If you're starting to confuse reality with a cartoon, why don't you go outside for a bit and try to get your life in order?

  • Viewing 154 - 173 of 173
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