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The rules!

1. Don't add stories with a massively positive ratio.
2. Don't cry to us if we do add your story.

Love ya!

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Someone added a story??? I thought this group was quiet. It's finally awaken from its slumber!!!!!!!

yeah having fics in here would be a 100% disaster... just think of all the trolls.

can some one please take down my story I looked it over an all though not perfect. it doesn't have massive grammar mistakes

I may have accidentally clicked on your's for some fucking reason.

Then you responded to the wrong comment. For some reason.


The internet doesn't give a flying f**k about your feelings. I don't even add stories to the group.

By the way, sorry if I'm upset cuz I FUCKING AM! FUCK THIS RULE!

What's the point of creating this group if you just add stories and being rude to the authors? Have you ever consider their feelings? Overall, this is offensive to everyone else. I think you're a hater.

440679 i see Thanckx's for clearifying I still do not understand why

Seeing as you're the author, you can't be subjective about your own story. You're also kinda wasting your breath.

Rule #2 says its perfectly. "Don't cry to us if we do add your story."

greeting's my name is Seth standmorew I wish to know why my story Dark Scootaloo. was added to this group, it is not a stupid story but a very smart story if the group was called underly stupid fanfiction I would understand I think there has been a miostake, please remove it sincerely Seth Standmore

I'm leaving as I realized that 95% of stories can go here but because this place suites a younger audience my definition of bad is completely different than for someone that started reading a year ago.

Oh cool, my stories not here 😁.

Funny thing is, I think one of my stories are in there and I'm too lazy and scared to find them.

It's still a grammer massacre even if it was done on purpose. I don't think it should be here though either.

I don't even know why I joined this group. :twilightoops:

Why is BradyBunch's story The Mane Six Meet An Alicorn OC in Grammatical Massacre?????

  • Viewing 162 - 181 of 181