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The rules!

1. Don't add stories with a massively positive ratio.
2. Don't cry to us if we do add your story.

Love ya!

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Comment posted by Tundric Spirit deleted October 7th

I saw my story in here and I laughed so hard when I saw it in the dat edge section XD
I will do my best to make it to good for this group, which basically means editing the shit out of those shitty first chapters.


One time I wrote a story that was down-voted into oblivion, I had people telling me to kill myself over it but I also had a few disappointed followers when I did delete it. I've had stories make groups like this before but I've been on here long enough and written enough that it doesn't bother me anymore. Just keep on trucking when it comes to writing.

My view is that if I've even made one person happy by writing it, that it is definitely worth it.

How did this become an official group? Wouldn't it hurt the writers' feelings to see their story on here?

I feel even more horrible about my stories since they made this group... I don't know why I even started writing them in the first place! I'd delete them all right now if there weren't a few people who liked them.

You know, I just join here to tell you all, that I don't want my fanfic to be here for haters. Yes, I know my grammar is bad, but I'm looking for editors, since it's not my first language. I should probably just ignore it, but really, why do do you judge me like this? If you read my reactions for comments, you will see that i'm open for criticism. You don't give me a chance to get better but make fun of me. That's just low, this whole grup is just a low place for haters. Maybe I just open a can of worms, but nevermind.

414786 Yeach.... i am not longer thinking should i commit suicide. I am preparing it.

414685 Man it sure sucks to have so little fun in your life, don't it?

"Hello! I'm Captain Darkness McShadow and I'm the most awesome/badass/handsome/mysterious protagonist you'll ever fucking see."

This is almost as funny as my life! XD

I am pleased to see this group exists.

reads group name oh looks like I made it home :twilightsmile:

Oh man dis gon be guuud

*reads group description*

Well this should fun.

Why do we have so many members? Y'all need to get out more.

I thank whoever added that anthropophagy story. It was wrong on so many levels.

Comment posted by Firefox Arcanine deleted Jun 16th, 2016

410318 Dude, I posted that 8 weeks ago. Let it be.

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