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The rules!

1. Don't add stories with a massively positive ratio.
2. Don't cry to us if we do add your story.

Love ya!

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440679 i see Thanckx's for clearifying I still do not understand why

Seeing as you're the author, you can't be subjective about your own story. You're also kinda wasting your breath.

Rule #2 says its perfectly. "Don't cry to us if we do add your story."

greeting's my name is Seth standmorew I wish to know why my story Dark Scootaloo. was added to this group, it is not a stupid story but a very smart story if the group was called underly stupid fanfiction I would understand I think there has been a miostake, please remove it sincerely Seth Standmore

I'm leaving as I realized that 95% of stories can go here but because this place suites a younger audience my definition of bad is completely different than for someone that started reading a year ago.

Oh cool, my stories not here 😁.

Funny thing is, I think one of my stories are in there and I'm too lazy and scared to find them.

It's still a grammer massacre even if it was done on purpose. I don't think it should be here though either.

I don't even know why I joined this group. :twilightoops:

Why is BradyBunch's story The Mane Six Meet An Alicorn OC in Grammatical Massacre?????

Then tell your friend to write better! And be a good friend by telling him from time to time that his work sucks and he/she should do better, lol
What were you? A "YES"man? Don't pity your friend, help them.

Holy sh*t!
I saw one of my friends fanfic a on the folder 'WTF' and I feel so bad for him

Upvotes to downvotes, no it doesn't belong. But by every other criteria, it doesn't belong anywhere else.

I started joining these ironically...then I started joining them seriously...idk how it happened.

Ok, you guys may want to consider whether this story really belongs here. It has an extremely high upvote to downvote ratio, over 90%. It ain't my work but I think this one being here goes against rule 1.

TA Lonely Star
Twilight decides to travel abroad after a terrible split among the mane six.
DemonSaint · 24k words  ·  342  23 · 4.3k views
Comment posted by DILLYbOd deleted Aug 17th, 2020
Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Sep 27th, 2018

No no! You're doing it all wrong! Watch...

Damn denial!

*laugh track*

Heh... nice! Then allow ME to lighten it up as well!



*Crickets Track*

Let me lighten the mood.


*Laugh Track*

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