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This group is dedicated to finding fics with a low level of originality. It doesn't have to be clichéd, only unoriginal.

In this group, a fic is unoriginal if it contains very few uncommon ideas, or largely relies on fanon, clichés or stereotypes.
This is not always a negative thing, but often is.

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Ask nicely and we'll check it out. Ask rudely, and no.
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Plan 9 has been dead for quite a while and they tried (emphasis in tried) 3 times to revive it... That's a big yikes.

And I'm not on the RR staff so... yeah.

Here I was thinking the group dead. How about you goys do something with Plan 9 or RR?

Your story has been removed.

Please don't answer this type of comments, admins will take care of removal requests.

Can you please remove my displaced story? I didn't put it here; somebody else did it on purpose!

That raises an interesting question. While some might say my story is inherently unoriginal because it's "A fucking Displaced", this is a Displaced story where the human dresses up as many characters at once, becoming an overpowered amalgamation of godly characters. Except not really, he becomes a Twilight Sparkle with the powers of those characters because he had more costume parts from his Twilight costume than any other character. He arrives in Equestria, and then Derpy drops a piano on him and he loses his memories, rendering him unable to use those powers. He forgets earth, his human name, and everything he used to be. Twilight changes his mane and name and starts telling ponies "she's" her cousin from out of town, and the story becomes about Dawn Skystar trying to become a Pokemon master, all the usual Displaced cliches forgotten.

This description takes longer to say than something like "Displaced except the human becomes Blue Eyes White Dragon" or "Displaced but the human becomes Ichigo then his Hollow takes over and he becomes a bad guy", because I'm putting a few original spins on a frequently-used concept. It certainly takes longer to explain than "A war between Zebras and Ponies creates Fallout 3 so a pony in the future does the plot of Fallout 3 but there's some stuff from 1 and 2 in there too, also lesbians and rape". And it takes longer to say than "Equestria appears on Earth and a magic barrier erases people and their world, forcing them to become ponies or die, also the writer hates humans".

Does that mean this is an original story that doesn't belong in this group, or do certain ideas have an "Intrinsic Originality Value" that can be measured with positive and negative numbers, meaning a Displaced story can, by definition, never be original?

As the person who added your..."stories" here, I think they'll stay right where they are. (Unless I've broken any group rules, in which case I'm willing to admit it).

I honestly thought that was asking nicely. I was certainly being nicer than whoever added my story to this group without even asking me first. Was I supposed to say please twice? Or is "We'll remove your badge of dishonour if you ask nicely" just something you say to try and seem nicer and more legitimate than the other hate groups on this site? What, does it legitimately break your heart that so many kids see you flipping them off as a reason to flip you off, rather than a reason to get down on their knees and beg for "Forgiveness" like you want them to?

These hate groups have always been pathetic, but advertising the fact that an admin once "Agreed with you" and gave you that precious emotional validation you crave... Hoo boy.

Think about it. Even putting aside the "Nothing is original and everything takes ideas from somewhere" argument, this is a website filled with derivative and unoriginal stories, because they're what rake in the most views. The two most popular MLP fanfics of all time? One cheap combination of MLP and some game series that was popular at the time, and one "Little Orphan Naruto" fanfic except with ponies. This website is flooded with 1001-2500 word scenes masquerading as stories, because the current fanfiction meta means they're most likely to get you popular, especially if they're some overplayed emotionally-manipulative trash, like a minific in which some beloved pony struggles with depression or whatever.

Unoriginal fanfics regularly get high scores on this site, and make it into the Fimfiction nepotism box. You don't do anything about that. If you're supposed to be this site's "Originality Police", you clearly aren't doing a very good job, and you clearly aren't endearing yourself to anyone other than people in your situation. Is that why you only add your group's little badge of dishonour to small stories by small authors? Is this group really just an excuse to attack people for trying? This group should be paired with a second, positive one called something like "Plentiful Originality Brigade", to celebrate and advertise fanfics with originality. Oh, right, I forgot writers on this site are expected to split their time evenly between writing their story, promoting it, and responding to comments, while nothing is expected of "Critics", not even consistency or honesty. It's been a few years, I don't see anyone changing for the better at this point. Whiny crybullies who want everything to shallowly pander to them and only them are going to keep on bullying authors out of the fandom the same way Steven Universe fangirls bully fanartists in that fandom out of their one. This show's got about one, maybe two more years left in it, then the next generation is going to come along, featuring mudhorse Twilight, unicorn Fluttershy, and a mockery of Applejack voiced by a nepotism/diversity-hire.

Also, you've already added my story to your group. You've called it unoriginal, big whoop, it's already in a few other hate groups and that didn't hurt my feelings either. What are you going to do if I tell you I don't care about your opinion, call my story "Double Unoriginal"?

Ah, fuck it. Thanks for the free publicity.

Please remove my Displaced story from your group.

Could you please remove my story My Little Twily? Someone put it here and i didn't want them to. Sorry if I wasted your time.

Comment posted by Tundric Spirit deleted Oct 7th, 2017

Amen. ...or if you're not like that. Well said; well said indeed.

All cellphones are critics. They break us so that we can usher in the robot revolution.

No fear. No hate. No illness. Just metal.
No emotion. No deep creativity. No unique advantages. Just wires.
No offense. No defense. Nothing to offend. Just program. know?

Better question is: Why isn't my new story here? These guy looks for bad fics to shove in here; I admit mine are bad but some of these don't seem to belong here. But that's my unoriginal opinion.

A printer? That's actually a pretty funny icon!


I had kind of forgotten about this group until it was pointed out that all of Z0's stuff had been spammed here.

Comment posted by Iseeyou deleted Apr 8th, 2015

Everyone who may read this, I only wish to say one thing, but note this Is my opinion. For all of you that have made these groups to just openly show author's less than par works, while not Illegal, nor wrong, I will say that you should look at It from our side: The one's who stories get posted here. Most of us are only first-time authors and are still learning the ropes on how to write. And we're taking a massive chance by posting our stories.Your opinion Is your own, want to get that out now. But I believe you shouldn't just openly put our stories out there and point out all the 'Bad' In It, I would wish that upon nobody, though the least you could do Is give us some tips or try and help us become better. When I saw my story and where It was featured, I could have sworn my heart stopped. Everyone here has the potential to be a great author one day, and please do not make yourself seem better because of how many likes you have or the comments. I have one last thing to say and that's It: How would you feel If you woke up and had a part of your life's work just put out there, not being Insulted, but for the mere fact that people can and just these little groups about our stories. I am positive you would all feel the same way. Now excuse me, I don't to be here any longer than Is needed.

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