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This group is dedicated to finding fics with a low level of originality. It doesn't have to be clichéd, only unoriginal.

In this group, a fic is unoriginal if it contains very few uncommon ideas, or largely relies on fanon, clichés or stereotypes.
This is not always a negative thing, but often is.

Story Removal Policy
Ask nicely and we'll check it out. Ask rudely, and no.
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Ya know, to be fair, I wrote most of my fics when this fandom started. So they're more like the originals than the copies. :raritywink:

Can i put my highly original fanfic with fantastically strange and hilarious awe inspiring twists on here?

I missed drangon's story removal and I have already taken care of removing it as requested, but every other story that has been requested to be removed has been removed, and no one in the mod staff as far as I know has "given a lot of dislikes, or someone responded negatively" I don't know what 428505 is on about.

If it's anyone else that's not in our control and as long as they don't blatantly attack or insult the writer then there's nothing else to do.

You hearing this 429047? Sounds like it's time for the group admins to make a display.

Nevertheless, it is still a mostly dead group other than members keeping it on life support when its admins have either been ignoring members/people asking politely to have their story removed or one or two of the mods have been gone a long time.

Which is why it's the member's responsibility to participate in said group.

Having new stories being added doesn't mean its alive especially when the mods/admins or any of the members have not responded to others other than the very few who have been misusing the group's original intentions. For example, there are people here who asked politely to have their story removed, only to be either be ignored, given a lot of dislikes, or someone responded negatively.

It can't be that dead. I'm seeing new stories added all the time.

I think this groups dead considering that whenever someone asks nicely/rudely for their story to be removed, they either get ignored or mocked.

Hi, I would like Year of the Dragon taken out of this group? I never placed it here and to be frank, while having bits of "unoriginality" it is also just as original. I mean, I tried to make it a mix because lets face it, all Displace stories are unoriginal from the first. Thank you very much if you take it out.

So what exactly qualifies as original anymore? Everything seems to have been done to death if you look hard enough.

I'm curious and I'm making sure none of of mine end up here.

Comment posted by Jest deleted Jul 20th, 2018
Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Sep 27th, 2018

Could you please remove my story, Don't You Dare, from this group? Think someone misunderstood the difference between unoriginality and inspired.

Plan 9 has been dead for quite a while and they tried (emphasis in tried) 3 times to revive it... That's a big yikes.

And I'm not on the RR staff so... yeah.

Comment posted by tyrannosaurianrex9 deleted Sep 27th, 2018

Here I was thinking the group dead. How about you goys do something with Plan 9 or RR?

Your story has been removed.

Please don't answer this type of comments, admins will take care of removal requests.

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