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Eventually, we all come across something that only makes us ask one thing: "Why?"

If the answer "Why not?" is simply not acceptable, then this group is for you.

Stories that provoke such a reaction should be added here. Why? Because why, that's why.

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Fun fact: I've had a "What" tag for a good, long while... :D It's not exactly this, but it skirts some of it.

I think everyone should have a "What" tag in their library, for all the stories they can't even.

How did i not find this group until just now?!

You might all like to know that I did an alternative epilogue to my Smelly Rainbow Dash story in which Starlight and Twilight go back in time, fight, kill a butterfly in both Equestria and the human world, Starlight casts a spell to make ponies fart no more than humans, and blows herself up along with Twilight. The butterfly effect therefore erases all the fetish fuel from history (aside from the occasional offscreen fart or some non-sexual buttplay), and the MLP and EqG we know is born.

Hoping that makes you all feel better about that story I wrote, I know I get way carried away with the fetish fuel in most of them, and I'm really sorry for weirding you out.

Is my story really that horrible? (Or are the people here just really judgmental kinkshamers? Though I do understand being disgusted at it, I used to get disgusted at myself for having these fantasies, but the story wasn't meant for anyone who hates the subject matter)

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Please remove my Displaced story from your group.

I'm agree.

WHY?... because PEPE 2020

411867 Only fair thing about life, is that it ends.

W-why is Celestia's Mistake on here? (I am the author just on another account) I mean, I-I-I know it was bad since it was my first but it's already featured in three other "bad fic" groups. *pathetic whimpering noise* :fluttercry:

Why is mine on here???? Did you guys even read it???? :ajbemused:
It's The Adventures of Princess Althea. I mean, it kinda makes sense because I spend more time on drawing than anything else.

*shamelessly adds own story here*


Why are your folders so ambiguously named?

Why is Hurricane in three different completely ambiguous categories?

Please pick a type of why, and stick with it.

This is not a haiku.

I dont get it......

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I am going to add so much shit to this.

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