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The Dark Wolf

This is the name I use to express my fetishes. And my platonic wam interest.

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I am probably done writing for real this time · 5:56pm Sep 14th, 2022

Not due to a lack of confidence in my writing ability (or lack thereof) or any shame about my fetishes, but mainly because a.) I have kind of been losing interest in MLP, and b.) Lots of other people with my fetishes have lost interest as well ever since FiM ended, and don't seem to have any interest in G5 (you cannot find any stories with my fetishes about the G5 ponies). Plus all the scenarios I think of are too stretchy and pretty stupid now that I think about it.

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Hey Dark. Been a while. Hope you been well.

I've written stories about EqG Applejack farting (along with wetting and messing herself), it is fun to think about especially if she's wearing jeans, jean shorts, or her pajamas. Pony Applejack doesn't quite do it for me as much for some reason.

Interesting that you don't have much AJ fart content.
While I love Rarity, the rest of the girls need attention too. Especially AJ and her booming flatulence

Depends on the requests, and how fast I answer them depends on how busy I am. It wouldn't hurt to at least hear your request.

  • Viewing 118 - 122 of 122
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