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A Belgian brony, I'm here to enjoy stories and translate your stories in French (I mean, if it's OK with you...)

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2435013 Oh well, quite a few reasons actually.

First off, I've always been of those who support considering the point of view of those that are mostly stigmatised, to understand them and see what they're going through. And your fiction, like Flutterpony's unfortunatley unfinished (and never to be finished in FIMFic) one, is a perfect embodiment of that!

Now, I also love the complexity that I feel coming from Rarity's character in this. She's far too underestimated and underrepresented, and seeing her with such an intricate persona is a real breath of fresh air.

And furthermore, I started, last month or so, studying the possibilities of chaperoned, consensual relationships between adults and children, and seeing articles is indeed often more explicative, but never as interesting as fictions, which actually are sometimes filled with a lot more information than aforementioned articles.

I think I've explained the first main reasons for why this fic is a favourite of mine, and why I need more of it.

Yours trustfully, my friend. ;)


Thank you for your watch and your favourite on my story "A She-Devil in Plain Sight."

May I ask why?

Thanks for the follow mate! Appreciate it. Cheers!:moustache:


After having read this cute fluffy Big Mac Pedofoalia story of yours, who could resist the urge to folllow you? :3:3:3

No really, "Oh Baby" was the beginning, but trust that I'm going to read as much of your collection as I please. ;)

With Loads Of SFW Love, from the greatest city in all Equestria, AKA Stalliongrad

Apple Chocolate

Thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

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