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A Belgian brony, I'm here to enjoy stories and translate them in French (I mean, if it's OK with you...)

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Thank you very much for deeming The Mother of all Wake-Ups worth faving! :twilightsmile: If you want to have a go at translating, you're more than welcome to.

Thanks for the comment! :raritywink:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Graag gedaan! De rien! Your translation might be an ideal opportunity for me to practice my oh, so rusty French, haha! :rainbowlaugh: I would consider myself honored and the luckiest elk in the Everfree forest. You're right about trying which matters the most. Dutch people always make jokes about French-speaking people supposedly being too stubborn to talk in another language (and I find those jokes very distasteful). But these jokes do make your intentions at learning other languages even more admirable. I myself speak English, Dutch, German, and Norwegian. Some better than others, of course. It's hard to become a master at every language. I'm very happy to speak with a fellow language enthusiast! :twilightsmile:

Veel geluk met je talenstudies. Misschien tot ziens! :pinkiehappy:

Dear Elkia Deerling

Dank u well voor joow bericht! I didn't expect to find such an interesting story, and although I have just started it, be sure I'll be glad to comment my - hopefully great - opinion on each chapter I've finished. ;3

The fact that you so naturally give me the option of translating it in French fills me with pure and utter joy. I couldn't possibly say how happy I am that you would consider it, and even more so actually give the go-ahead. I will do my best not to disappoint you! :pinkiehappy:

Worry not about your French possibly lacking, it's a rather difficult language compared to other European ones in the first place, and I won't take offense on someone who's trying: it is, after all, trying is what matters most, isn't it? :raritywink:

I'm just so tremendously sorry to tell that Dutch is not my native language, being indeed born in Southern Wallonia. Nonetheless, I try my best at being fluent in all three of our national languages, and even if I can't really speak it as well as I'd like to, I would undoubtedly be able to fully understand a reply in Dutch.

I wish you the same luck in your own reading adventures, and wish you a great days, a great week, and a great time overall!

Apple :ajsmug:

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