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Protect the mighty Motherland! Fight for the power of the people! We are communist brothers united! For the liberation of people and ponies alike we fight on! For glory, for freedom, for peace! We are, the Communist Comrades of Equestria!

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SM #11 · Nov 9th, 2017 · · ·

lets fix society and run the world with the rule of making bronies have no more bullying and for all bronies to unite in a massive revolution to destroy the hold that anti-bronies have on society and for us to have a place if our homeland was took over by anti-bronies and so we could flee to for to make sure that us bronies will never fade.

Has anyone read the Noon verse by the Strugatsky brothers? This too was a great work of literature.

this not thus. Sorry!

So glorious comrade commander CommunistTaco went can we your comrades in thus great Soviet Union except your next update in one of your stories?

Evviva il socialismo e la libertà!

It is great to see so many comrades of the union in the brony community.

358421 I believe capitalism is a flawed system for a flawed species like humanity. Communism, or the Marxist aspect of it, is the system of a true utopia and what we all aspire to be.

358445 As long as Stalin isn't in power yes.

Er... do we still promise Peace, Land, and Bread?

358391 What are your actual thoughts on capitalism?

Welcome to my group comrades! We will conquer the capitalist pigs of world!

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