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The starvation and misery of communism combined with the flavor of Mexican cuisine. What's not to love?


Work sucks · 6:27pm Apr 18th, 2020

Hey all,

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When will you resume work on Soviet Equestria?

*sees name*


I offer this because... because I can't not, under the circumstances.

TPower Pony Adventures: El Taco Loco vs. The Red Menace
Starlight Glimmer finds herself pulled into a magical comic featuring the Power Ponies, but the most shocking revelation is that she isn’t the only outsider fighting to survive in the comic world! Can both escape together, or is it winner-take-all?
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A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


Just random curiosity...
What is your connection with Russian culture and its use in your writing.
You seem to connect much of the premises with Russian characters and or back grounds.
If this is the hundredth time some one has posted a question like this feel free to ignore it.

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