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We mean it in a good way not bad way. Do not take to any offense. We do not want people to die. We just want to help them. We are the good type of communists. We Want to Promote Fairness And Equality. ☭

My Comrades, welcome to Mother Russia!

Our Anthem:



CO-FOUNDER:Commissar Dimitri Yankovich (Stalins Moustache)

FOUNDER:General Secretary Viktor Vadim (Spooky Scary Skeletons)

CO-OWNER: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/Final+fantasy+forever


Vladimus Von HakAndSlash



1.) No judging Race, Religion, Gender, or Political views!

2.) No Hating about Communism or About anyone else.

3.) No Spamming!

4.) Everyone is Equal.

5.) No Advertising.

Update Log:

I am back with a different name.

I have been killing my enemies in my secret lab by burning them for trying to go up against us.

Germany seems to be rising up back with the Nazi. We will take care of that....

We have reached an army of 965,000,000 but the original comrades are in this group which is 103 of us higher rank than the army.

Also our army is immortal like us because I used the souls of my enemies to make them undefeatable

One last thing, we are finally developing that Anti-Human Gas. It will turn people into ponies...

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Немцы планируют скрытую атаку, братья!

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Well, the only good thing it accomplishes is that it kills communists.

Luz #109 · Sep 9th, 2017 · · 7 ·

communism has and will never work

Liked cause I cried every time.

Hopeful, the Narwhal Assassin continues his journey across the wartorn remnants of the Third Reich, desperate to fimd his Kaiser. He, with great effort, crosses the German lines and winds up walking along the twisting roads of Lower Saxony with Brits and Amis. They direct him to the newly-liberated Netherlands. He passes through Hannover and Koeln before ending up in Gelderland. He passes into Utrecht and eventually Doorn, where the Kaiser had been living since 1920. He finds his way to Huis Doorn, noticing that it is being guarded for the ragtag group of scrappy rebels that now accounts for the Dutch Army. Slipping by the guards, he fimds his way into the house. It is empty, but retains the luxuaries befitting of any Euopean monarch. The Narwhal Assassin looks out a window, frustrated and dumbfounded, when he sees it. There is a mausoleum in the garden. He rushes down to the gardens quickly, and stares at the plaque on the monument.

Wilhelm II, Kaiser von Deutschland und ihrem Volk
Geb. 27-1-1859
Gest. 4-6-1941
Heil dir im Siegerkranz

The Narwhal Assassin bursts into tears, alerting the Dutch guards. He missed the Kaiser by almost four years...

Hitler: Der Kaiser can be found in ze Netherlands.

>is dumped into the Volga<
>flows into the Caspian Sea<
>Wakes up on the shores of Baku<
>has epic, years-long quest to get back to Ulyanovsk á la Moses<
>gets stuck in Stalingrad because some nice gentlemen are having a civil disagreement<
>follows the men in grey all the way to Berlin<
Kaiser, I'm home!
>sees no Kaiser, only Führer<
Well, fick mich

Now you will be dumped into ze Volga River!

Anything für mein Kaiser!
>is shot<
Сука блять!

Comrade Ulyanov will command you to stand in front of five soldiers with rifles upon arrival.

What must I do vith herr Ulyanov to atone?
Mein Kaiser, I von't...pleasure him...

Isn't he that chap who named himself after a river?

Der Kaiser has decided to send you to his ally called Vladimir Ulyanov.

I have sinned :raritydespair:
How may I atone, Deutsches Kaiserreich?

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