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FYI Regarding Updates Etc · 8:54pm November 3rd

Hello everyone,

I don't make blog posts very often but I felt like this deserved one. Unfortunately, I just lost my job today. What that means is I will have to focus my priorities on finding another job and making sure the bills get paid. As for writing, I will tackle it when I can and if time allows. For now, I'm not in the best place mentally and my motivation is practically non-existent. I appreciate all of the support, as always.


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Parables of the Miniature Equine Variety

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2899254 I don't have a Discord as of right now I'm more than willing to talk on here as well:heart:

Hello. I'm on Discord if you want to chat. DM Handle: Enclave2277 #8261

Hi, I just happened to wonder around and spotted your bio. Anyways, I just wanted to say hi (and maybe be friends). Just wanted to be friendly is all:heart:.

Thanks for the favourite on Pokémon Red and Purple!

Do you think you can get one out before the show ends?

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