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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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Chapter 19 Status Update · 5:09pm April 29th

Just a quick heads up to let everyone know that the story isn't dead.

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Parables of the Miniature Equine Variety

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Yeeeeah.... I've been working on a new chapter of my Spike story but it's been horrifically slow. :twilightoops:

Ok. Just very busy with my job as of late. Not much time to do any writing.

Hi Enclave how have you been

Question? Did I offend you?
if I offended you I'm sorry it was not my intention.
I just like to share my ideas with people, like you.I do not have friends that are brony outside of FIM so I do not have anyone to share my ideas with

  • Viewing 100 - 104 of 104
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