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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"


Shortly after Glorisa's destructive rampage, Timber Spruce and his sister focus their efforts on Camp Everfree's reconstruction, trying their best to get things back in working order.

While cleaning out one of the cabins, Gloriosa discovers an old trunk full of her late grandparent's effects, including: a hefty sum of gold Reichsmarks saved up from the old country and their original plans for the camp to be modeled after the FKK Movement.

Gloriosa & Timber decide to convert Camp Everfree into what their grandparents had originally envisioned: a resort where people can enjoy the majesty of nature as nature intended.

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:rainbowlaugh: If you say so. Might need to breakout the ye olde disclaimer....

Oh, more FlashxGilda stuff? Nice.

I wouldn't put the cart before the horse just yet. :raritywink:

A more accepting world I suppose. I would say most camps even if they wanted to wouldn't be able to do this due to financing. Though they have that covered in the gold. Gonna be a different type of camper as well I would imagine than what they are used to. People who are already heavily into this lifestyle or people like Flash that just thought it was a nature/outdoorsy camp as no parent is sending their hormone fueled teenager to be naked around the opposite sex for a few weeks. 😓

Curious to see how this continues, it's well made and oddly sensical that Flash is already interested in the first two girls he's prolly seen naked in real life.

As a vet tech I just am bleh on the thought of how many ticks and mosquitoes they'll have to deal with and pick off. Using bug spray I imagine isn't very naturalistic, maybe they'll use mud?

I may however just be analyzing this chapter too much. 😓 A bad habit of mine.


Gonna be a different type of camper as well I would imagine than what they are used to. People who are already heavily into this lifestyle

That is very much part of Gloriosa's aim. But she also wants to make the camp accessible and welcoming to newcomers as well.

Curious to see how this continues, it's well made and oddly sensical that Flash is already interested in the first two girls he's prolly seen naked in real life.

Honestly, can you blame him? I will say this much: the longer Flash stays at Camp Everfree the more he will come to appreciate the girls as people instead of just focusing his attention on their nudity, and his own for that matter.

As someone with Germanic roots, I couldn't help but smile at the mention of FKK.

I'm greatly looking forward to the inclusion of Gilda. A somewhat "less refined" character is certainly not common in naturist stories and I'm eager to see what you will do with her.

"Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to keep covering yourself up. Ya know, since I’ve already seen your dick at this point.”

I almost fell out of my chair with that line. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, great story so far. Interesting choices for councilors.

You had my interest until Tiber and Twilight were split off.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vewkfFu8Q7I


Now now guys let's not let difference of opinion slit a good friendship

If he said yes what would you do?

9608377 I'm already tracking this. And there is already a sequel for Pinecrest Resort planned.

OK a gloriosa and flash ship is established and I approve of it

I’m liking this story. Please keep going.


I was not disappointed. This is a nice story. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Wow, I am loving the chapters, It’s really fun and enjoyable to see Fluttershy as a Doujin writer and Wallflower as a Manga lover.

Well, that’s one way to flesh out Wallflower. This chapter was somethin’. Bring Cherry Crash & Mystery Mint into the mix, why don’t ya? Also, I wonder how Juniper Montage would feel about being in such a setting...

To quote Rex Salazar, thrill me.


Mighty kind words there, cowpoke. Much obliged. Although, iffn' I'm bein' honest, them background characters ya just mentioned ain't gonna be put in the final cut. Reckon there'll be plenty o' other thrills along the way. Stick around an' find out. :ajsmug:

Yeah, I figgered as much. No matter, I’ll stay tuned.

Nothing personal, mate. I just don't like having tons of background characters to focus on. Gives me the literary version of ADHD. I'd rather focus on a smaller cast and flesh them out more. :pinkiesmile:

Fair enough. Got nothing against ya. After all, your story, your rules, not mine. Just thinking out loud, that’s all.

Oh true love when you find it don't ever lose it.

Flash deserves more love and happiness in my opinion. Love this ship.

This is the fluff I thrive on! Wonderful character communication! Keep up the good work.

Ohh, I liked that ‘Hime-Sama’ bit at the end there.

Plus liked the image of a nude Mrs Cake stoned on Special Brownies.

FlutterFlower (or WallShy)...very interesting ship. Me likes it! :pinkiehappy:

Love old and new is in the air

I really felt this chapter had the right blend of emotion and sensuality.

That makes 3 couples now.

And that, dear reader, is the what I strive for. :heart:

I got all caught up. I am loving all the budding romances starting up in this fic. I'm a sappy guy and this is pushing all the right buttons for me. The setting is great and I'm finding all the interactions believable. I look forward to reading the next chapter.

Okay, wow. That was really somethin’. Wonder what’l happens next. Put Sweet Leaf & Sandalwood into the mix, why don’ ya? Will stay tuned, just the same!

Mrs. Harshwinny, a Germane nudist by birth, here in Camp Everfree? What a pleasant surprise! And what’s this? A growin’ love internet with Smokey Bones? Nice! Can’t wait to see what other surprises you have in store next chapter. Gee, why not put Sandalwood & Sweet Leaf in mix while you’re at it?

...why do I keep bringing those two up? On second thought, never mind. Keep up the good work, just the same!


...why do I keep bringing those two up?

I don't know. You tell me. :trollestia:

Mrs. Harshwhinny, unexpected but not unwelcome.

Smokey returned with a plate full of pork bbq and a couple of beers. “Huh? What’d I miss?”

Haha, that was funny and well timed.

That was a nice & comfy update. I'm glad to see Smokey pairing up with Dr. Harshwinny. An interesting choice. I look forward to how they and all the other pairings fair.

Let's chalk that up to my obsession with the pairing. And yes I ship Sandalwood and Sweet Leaf. And I figure they'd be the types to get in touch with nature, what with the whole hippie lifestyle and all. But that's just some wishful thinkin' from me.

Keep up the good job, just the same!

I see where you're coming from and it would make sense. Unfortunately, I never had any plans to add either of them (they're both very minor characters) to the roster. I will say this though: I'm planning to introduce a new character in Chapter 10 that I think everyone will be surprised to see visiting Camp Everfree.

I figured as much. A new character, you say. To quote Rex Salazar, thrill me.

A decent first chapter, but it has some serious pacing issues. You seem to be rushing to get Gloirosa and Timber out of their clothes to set up the resort as a naturist getaway, giving little time to the thought process that might go in to it. You could have spent more time with Gloriosa getting used to the sensation of being nude before she realises she likes it. It could've been the entire first chapter, but instead it's pushed along with no chance to be explored in any further detail.

That, and the dialogue doesn't sound very natural. There's far too much "casual" conversation about pubes, when we both know a person's body is not supposed to be a point of examination for naturists! That said, I still like Gilda's carefree personality. Makes a nice change from the condescending grumpyness of the show. I will continue reading this, so I hope the pace slows down a bit in future chapters!

Omg new cover and new chapter, they're both wonderful

Small nitpick: Honey Badgers aren't native to America at all. They're primarily found in Central Africa and India, so unless this is a wildlife reserve specifically known for their population of Honey Badgers, they shouldn't be there!

Rufus is way smarter than I suspected.

I like how this camp is helping Wallflower, Fluttershy, and Gloriosa come out of their shells.

You could've use this for cheap jokes, but you show how naturalism can build confidence in a person.

Were you intending to write echii? Because you wrote echii. It's not quite porn, but there's so much sexual suggestiveness, especially with Gloriosa's flirting. Makes the fic feel more like a nude-exploitation story than genuinely naturist. Nothing wrong with echii, if that's what was intended all along, I just find it a little misleading to have something naturist themed, but then put so much emphasis on sexual attraction and pubic hair.

Otherwise, this chapter was decent. Don't know why you made the animal a honey badger when a cat would've filled the same role, AND be accurate to both location and behaviour. But that's of lesser importance. I hope the coming chapters give a little bit more than just sexual tension between Flash and Gloriosa, which the plot has so far bent over backwards to provide.

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