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This story is a sequel to Seasons: Falling Leaves

Winter is coming and that means that Fluttershy and Sunset need to move their nude meetups indoors. As they work to develop a new arrangement they can be comfortable with, both are unaware of Rainbow Dash's attention as she tries to find proof of an intimate relationship that doesn't exist.

But as the season progresses, and the two spend more private time together, Rainbow's assumptions might not end up so far off the mark after all...

* This series is an exploration on different mentalities between nudists and will eventually include the entirety of the Mane 6. However, the story will focus primarily on Fluttershy and Sunset's experiences and developing relationship.
* Sex tag for nudity, discussion, and potential questionable situations or humor - just to be on the safe side.

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Oh I'm so looking forward to seeing where this story goes. The first installment was perfect for grabbing the reader's attention and making them want more, and now here we are.


We'll see if I can live up to expectation.

It's been a rough week, but still hopefully no later than Sunday night (earlier by preference). Some headcanon lore managed to sneak into the mix which slowed things a tad as well... eh, it happens.

Basically, it'll be here as soon as I can manage, but life must come first.

Sorry for delay. I got hit with a metaphorical hurricane that I don't feel up to detailing right now except to say that: I'm currently behind on *all* of my obligations and writing this is unfortunately a low priority among them. Not just pushing it aside, but going to have to steal minutes between other things instead of allocating solid time for it.

Trust me, I feel like dirt when I give myself a deadline and fail to meet it. It will be here as soon as I can get it here.

Comment posted by TheMegaPonyRanger deleted Jul 13th, 2017

Please... I want to write on this. I want to write other things I have planned. I want to work on my art.

Just because a hurricane has passed doesn't mean life goes on as it was before. There's clean-up, reorganization, and lots of other issues to be dealt with before some semblance of "normal" returns.

My "hurricane" has me behind on a lot of things, but mostly school stuff. Stuff that is required for me to graduate this fall. That's kind of a big deal and *has* to take precedence over a part-time hobby.

I've tried to use small windows of down time to work on this, but everything else has me so numb at those points the words don't come. I promise, I'll put something here as soon as I can. I just don't know when that will be right now.

7595463 back off man he'll update when he can back off and give him some space

7631285 ok ok I'm sorry. I just want to know.

7600196 I'm sorry if I was so pushy with the next chapter. It was my impatience getting the best of me.

Don't worry about it. I understand wanting next chapter to come out. Almost didn't publish start of this story originally because I was afraid of potential gap like this, but I *thought* I could manage regular updates.

On what will hopefully be a bright side: about to graduate, and hopefully once I get move out of way I can *finally* get at least next chapter finished.

7775860 okay good luck on graduating and Merry Christmas!

7775860 when will we see the next chapter?

striping off like that


And if casual proofreading isn't okay with you, I won't do it again.

I really love our fanfic. Its really nice :twilightsmile:

4. No one objected when I posted a blog about the possibility.

No pony ever objects to SunShyne! No pony!:pinkiehappy:

Even though it's been a while, still putting down a tracker on this one. Keep being awesome, author.

Appreciate the track and comment.

I *do* plan to finish this and write another story I've planned for quite a while. Problem as always is time. Current job is more-or-less 24/7 drain on time. I will get to them, just don't know when yet.

Comment posted by Striving for Harmony deleted Feb 24th, 2020

This time I'll respond to your comment rather than my own. Not sure how that happened...

Life comes first, as it should. I know the full-time-plus work life well. You do you, my friend.

Hope to see an update someday soon!^_^

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