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Rarity, Fluttershy, and Sunset have a sleepover at Twilights when Rarity gets the idea to ask Twilight and Sunset on why and how they got together. Wanting to hear the cute tale of how the young couple got together she and Fluttershy sit in as they listen to the tale of these two.

Sex tag is only for mentions of very tame sexual content. This is a little short fic I pumped out as I'm currently stuck on trying to write the ending for another one.

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Hmm... not bad. There are quite a few grammar and capitalization errors, but that aside, pretty great.

I like the way Sunset acts in this story.

“Buuuuut I found much more hidden below and what can I say that was better.” She followed with a kiss on the back of Twilight's head

Yep. Below and slightly to the front.

Would it be interesting on the last day of school Sci-Twi and Sunset were making out, in the principal's office, with the door locked from the inside, with the intercom on full volume, dirty flirting?

I like Sunset's butt better :raritywink:

“What'd you expect Rarity I'm older than all of you, I don't have time to deal with beating around the bush for 20 chapters to finally get the girl.”

“Chapters?” Fluttershy questioned

“I mean weeks,” Sunset responded,


Pinkie: “Maybeeeeeeeeeeeee???:pinkiesad2:

Fun story!! Grammar's waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better than the last one :raritywink:

NO! that can’t be how it started YUP! Yeah….The reason Sunset started to have interest in me was my butt Oh, my….. BUT! I actually did like you, your butts just amazing, now let me finish.

That's why!?!?!? I did not see this one coming.

“Ok but, you are mine.” She said the last word with a glow to her eyes. Another shiver of delight ran through Twilight as she responded with “Definitely” Followed by her pulling Sunset into another kiss. That's how their night continued until eventually, they went to sleep.

Wow 😨

“Yeah we probably shall I haven't heard her make any noise and think she may actually have fainted this time.

Yep, she likely did over what she just heard.

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