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Sunset in no stranger to awkward situations, a fact she has just been reminded of yet again. Just a SunLight comedy that popped into my head while I was working on another story.

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You might have to explain the last two bits here. All I got is that it involved both Twilights, but that's it.

Poor sunset

Sunny’s dating Original Recipe Twilight and went to greet her purple lover lips-first only to realize that a. it was Extra Geeky Twilight with contacts in, and b. her actual lady friend was across the street watching them.

Yes, I think that just about sums up the story.

this was wrong on so many levels

sci twi technically raped sunset

i still laughed my ass off

i am a horrid person

The solar princess had not answered her prayers, in fact, she was laying on her bed, her rear end already engulphed by the hybrid that was currently trying to open its amorphous mouth wide enough to fit over her spread wings. Sunset would never forget the look on Celestia’s face as her eyes slowly fluttered open and she looked from the creature trying to eat her to the hole in her sealing and the Unicorn poking her head through it.

Clearly this ends with the hybrid banished. It reappeared in Pedestria in their equivalent of Manehattan, during a total eclipse of the sun...

The landed briefly on the four sets of hoofcuffs that secured her lover to the bed before moving guiltily away, only to look away hurriedly from the sight of Celestia’s slightly twitching eyes. They moved onto the blindfold and ball gag, both still fastened securely in place, before drifting inexorably to the to the riding crop and paddle that had fallen off the side of the side of the bed sometime during the night. A slight flickering caught her eye, and before she could stop herself, she turned to look at it, then turned her head back away as quickly as she could, even looking at the suppressor ring on her marefriend’s horn was less worrying than the sight of the flames flickering in Celestia’s mane. \

Celestia IS Cadance's aunt, it can't be the first time she's seen something like this...

And it wasn’t like she expected to stop getting into awkward situations anytime soon either, the moment her current marefriend found out her only other marefriend had been said current marefriend’s beloved foalsitter was one she was truly not looking forward to. Still, right now she’d gladly trade places with that future Sunset Shimmer, or any past Sunset Shimmer for that matter. Well, almost any past Sunset, she was not going through the cake incident again.

Oh. Nevermind then. Carry on.

“I was talking with Pinkie, you know over the phone, when she suddenly went silent for a moment and then said her Pinkie senses had just told her Twilight had come through the portal. I’ve wanted to talk to her again for a while, and I knew you’d be the first person she’d visit, so I rushed right over. It just, Spike must have knocked my glasses off nightstand when he was trying to get on the bed last night because when I got up this morning, I stepped on them. I have some contact lenses I keep for emergencies, even though I don’t like how they make my eyes feel, so I’m wearing them instead of my glasses, and well,”

Fleeing the dimension might let you escape Celestia, but you can never escape comedy.

Sunset might consider going with the audacity approach for the future. Cause somehow I’m pretty sure she’s doomed to have a repeat performance with her new marefriend at some point.

Who knows Sunny, maybe that is her kink :trollestia:

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