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Narration of "A Draconequus Mourns" · 11:56am Feb 11th, 2017


So, I don't generally write blog posts...I'm generally of the opinion that anyone who would read it is probably more interested in any fiction that I'd write than anything I'd have to say here :twilightsheepish: However, the very talented Crafty Arts has been so nice as to do a narration of "A Draconequus Mourns" on his youtube channel, and I'm really excited about it, so I wanted to share it here. Here's the link:

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Cool, that makes sense, and does help! i think i got confused by starting to read the Sunlight & Sugarpie storylines independent of each other, then trying to reconcile the timelines afterwards (AKA: making things unnecessarily complicated for myself :twilightsheepish:)
Thx for the clarification & for this awesome little pone-verse you created :pinkiehappy:

Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying my stories! :pinkiehappy: The intended reading order for them is the publication order, and that's roughly the order that things happen (though there is one exception). That order would be:

Friendship is...Difficult
Indigo Zap and Sunny Flare Drink Milkshakes
Sugar Pie Recipes
Exam Time
What a Drama Queen
Terrible Dating Advice
Operation: "Stalk Twilight and Sunset's First Date"
A Date in Equestria
Meeting Mister and Missus Sparkle
Rainbow Dash Doesn't Get JEALOUS
Shadowbolt Movie Night
Hearth's Warming Sugar Pies
Pressure Makes Diamonds
Sunlight at the Grand Galloping Gala
Princess Twilight Sparkle vs Big Data
Shadowbolts in Equestria

Though "Shadowbolts in Equestria" can be moved to before "Sunlight at the Grand Galloping Gala" as it technically takes place before it.

Does that help?

I'm glad you're still enjoying these stories! :pinkiehappy: I hope you continue to enjoy!

Hey so ive been re-reading (or is that re-re-reading? :derpyderp1:) some of your Prep-Verse stories (tho i still prefer the Twilight-Stays-At-Crystal-Prep-Verse moniker :pinkiehappy:) and was as wondering: since the Sunlight & Sugarpie storylines overlap, not to mention the side stories, what is the correct/best reading order for the entire saga? This would also be handy for setting up a *-verse group too :twilightsmile:

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