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A breif appology for the lack of promised updates. · 4:08am Apr 9th, 2013

Dearly sorry about that. But you see the purchase of a new computer also requires the purchase of new word prepossessing software, and I am rapidly learning that such things should not be short changed if one wishes to write a story without feeling like a 3rd grader every time I feel the need to double check that I'm using the correct homonym, or synonym. It's also rather annoying when I have to keep teaching it new words like "Everypony," "Canterlot" that "pegasus" can be written with out a

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Thanks for the favorite. I really appreciate it!

Hello I was hoping everything was going well. Were you ever able to get a better computer to help you with your writing or have other more insidious aspects of life working against you.

(By the way in a more serious note if you just don't feel like it or similar is totally cool I am just curious if you are still interested in stories like "Dreams of Loyalty").

Thanks for the fave on Dreamweaver. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favourite of 'Patience is a Virtue' :twilightsmile:

I love ponys if you couldn't tell and dreams of loyalty is my fav:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::scootangel::derpytongue2::heart:

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