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973703 Oki-doki-loki then. :pinkiehappy: I'll be checking your user page for the sequel instead now. Have fun!!:yay:

He would probably do some of the behind-the-scenes work, too.

973681 If he was going to write a sequel for something are you going to write it?

I'm continuing his stories. And anything involving him.
You know, when I actually have the time.

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Album of the Week

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Ledisi; that woman has so much soul and vibrato in her voice, it's unbelievable. And just look at her hair! Incredible!
Ahem . . . Right, the music. As of so far, I have listened only up to "Shut Up," but I can tell there is going to be a huge competition of my favorite Woman R&B artist, between her and Estelle. Lyrically, Ledisi seems to really have a connection to what she is singing, especially in "Pieces of Me", where she sings about herself. To an extent.
My personal favorite song? "Bravo". This song really connects to almost every adult or teen. It tells people, "If you've been working hard, give yourself a round of applause," which is praise that people really need in a time like this.
Track Listing:
1. Pieces of Me
2. So Into You
3. Bravo
4. Stay Together (feat. Jaheim)
5. Coffee
6. Hate Me
7. Shut Up
8. Shine
9. I Miss You Now
10. Bgty
11. Raise Up
12. I Gotta Get To You
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Response to device heretic's Departure · 1:04am Apr 6th, 2012

I now use this saying for my personal use when I'm annoyed at what somebody said. It was just too boss to only be used as a comment; it needed it's own blog.

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