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This is a club dedicated loving AbsoluteAnonymous' writing.

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285634 Mare do well by far my favourite.

And its great to see more brisbanites that are a fan of mlp and its fan fiction :yay:

Hey, another AA fan from Brisbane. Hiya!

Absolute Anonymous is pretty damn cool; Can't wait 'till we see some more awesome writing!


AA is an alien. With a GREAT PERSONALITY, mind you. A fantastically talented writing alien.:heart:

Ok y change. i joined for the previous reason

I can still be an AA fan and like this club

283760 I thought the same as well.

oh no.
AA is a changeling queen that is using the group to feed on the members' love

283834 I suspect it happened when all your fans took it over.

Why disturbed, boss?

Whoa, when the hell did this become a fan club instead? I'm confused. And disturbed.

And the AA fanclub gains another member. I wonder what our illustrious leader's plans for this group are..

Oh, yeah, totally. About 75% of TGWP was pure wish-fulfillment.

283769 So what you're saying is that your ideal partner would be Mare Do Well? :rainbowhuh:

Also, I now declare this the AbsoluteAnonymous fan club.

EDIT: Or even second the declaration Obs already made, since I am dumb and did not see it.

Yay! I get to be part of an Internet Hate Machine! (Or is it a Pony Love and Tolerance Machine?)
There is no problem with being high-maintenance at your age. But yeah, great writer, angsty teenage blogs. Keep it strong!

Well, I'm a Fan of AA's Writing and personality :pinkiehappy:

This is now the AA fanclub.

Well, she IS only 16 going on 17 so I can understand why she would be high maintenance and angsty at times. Still joining though. Good writer... but them blog posts.:applejackconfused:

Joining, because, why the buck not?


That can be arranged...

283788 Well I think i can live with the no pay. But i'm gonna have trouble stalking you if you are in another country. :unsuresweetie:

In that case, Absolute Anonymous Online stalking is a go. :scootangel:

I joined for the inconsistently capitalized title, myself.

Sorry, nowhere near Brisbane. And you don't get paid, either.

It makes me laugh, too.

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