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I can be done with these as early as December my dentists say. They weren't really that bad. I discovered taking Ibuprofen BEFORE you go is the best. Not AFTER. It usually takes me 3 days to fully heal after a tightening and stop all the chewing pain.

326979 After a point they only hurt when you get the powerchains replaced. Wow, I've been without braces for 'bout a year now.

Having a nostalgic feel again. I have these every month now xD

I've had these braces on for about a year and a half. I don't see why people day it's so bad now! They feel just like nothing is there really...

Here is to a great friend who we lost, to my first fanfic author that responded to me, to the person who sent me my first PM, to the person who made me make an account on this site, and to the guy who didn't even complete his story :fluttercry:
You will always be in my heart... R.I.P buddy.:raritycry:

How come Phoenixfre92 ain't posting here?

285159 not the grammar, you actually had to do with that one


My grammar ain't very good...

285154 now that is the correct way to use the word sorry in a sentence


Sorry. My phone doesn't use replies.

284858 :ajbemused:
btw, use replies

Sorry! Oh sorry that sliped out! Oh sorry... Ohh sorry?
I find it weird if you say a word to much it geys confusing saw-re.
Ok i'm going to stop before i get my flank beaten. :moustache:

284798 it is not wrong to show compassion, it's just a pet peeve of mine whenever someone apologizes for something they had no control over

Is it wrong to show compassion? You are a friend and you were hurt. Therefore i'm sorry you were hurt.

283563 you didn't do anything

283441 Iv had braces for over a year now, got my wisdom teeth puled a while ago no THAT HURTS

I got braces... And it hurts :(

281971 look up pony creator, its by generalzoi

There is no 'You know what?'!

Unless the picture of the story of the pony that looks like you is you...
wait what?

How did you make your own pony :-(
I want to make mine two!

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