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For those of you who don't know:

In literature, the term "round-robin" refers to stories written by multiple authors who exchange the manuscript beween themselves and take turns adding to it a little bit at a time.

Basically, a really simple form of collaboration where the authors write in ... well, rounds. Little bursts of writing that can be as long or short as you please, before passing it on to someone else and letting them do what they will with it.

Anyone can join the group or take part in the collaborations, so don't feel the need to ask permission. All you have to do is either post a prompt of your own in a new thread or contribute to a pre-existing thread. Anyone can add anything they want to any of the ongoing stories at any time, so you can pretty much write anything you want, making it as serious or silly as you like.

The catch is, you have no control over the direction anyone else may decide to take a story and you'll just have to deal with it if you don't like it much. That's part of the fun; seeing what kind of crazy, nonsensical ponyfic we come up with once everyone on the internet has taken a shot at writing part of it.

The only real rule is that you can't post twice in a row. Once you post your addition to an ongoing story, you have to wait for someone else to add something new before you can add anything new yourself.

Have fun!

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this was really booming for a little while.
but now its completely dead

Finally getting off my arse to participate in a couple of these. Hope the group isn't entirely dead yet.

If we ever put this as a real fic...

Jeez 18 threads. This is gonna take a while...

Hello, my first group. I may or may not take part... we'll see!

I am here forever :pinkiehappy:

OH wow! I REAAALY do hope this is taken serious to a certain extent, meaning no trolls but I don't mind a few weird puns and jokes. I look super forward to this!

Sorry about the multiple posts. I don't know what went wrong! :derpyderp2:
(Well, I do: The web page froze, and I kept trying to reload it.)

I can at least try this, hope my thoughts are coherent and have some grammatical correctness!

Har I am. Not sure how well I will do, but...

Hi. I've never tried writing like this but it sounds fun!:twilightsmile:

This is so amazing, AA. Thank you for making this.

5 threads in under 5 minutes!
WTF!? :rainbowlaugh:

285234 when the stories are done, I will post them as actual stories! that would be awesome!


Done. I'm sorry.

But this is going to be hilarious.


Yes. Just post a new thread in the message board to start a new story.

Google docs, or thread?

EDIT: Now that I actually read the descrip, i feel reaallly stupid.

Where would we do this? On the message board?

This sounds like fun.

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